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Kevin Saunders has been called “One of Top 100 Motivational Speakers” in the world. Audiences are deeply moved to action when they hear about his personal journey from disaster victim to elite Paralympic athlete and renowned inspirational speaker. His is a journey that presented many unimaginable personal and physical challenges before he found a way to ignite the spark that catapulted him into belief, self-confidence and uncompromising success in every aspect of life.

2015 Telly Award Silver Winner

Awarded Silver Telly (the highest honor) in “Documentary Film” category, from over 12,000 entries.

2015 Telly Award Bronze Winner

Awarded Bronze Telly in “Cinematography” category.

Intendence Heart Award 2016

Awarded the Intendence Film Festival “Heart Award” for Documentary Short.

World Champion Kevin Saunders

“Never Give Up!”

These three simple words transformed Kevin Saunders’ life, transforming him from a broken man into a world champion athlete and global authority on overcoming adversity, motivation, inspiration, education and fitness – and they can do the same for you and your audience.

Inside these pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about one of America’s premiere motivational speakers, including the details of his painful struggle, his fight to come out on top, and the single idea that has propelled him to greatness. Like Kevin says, “Pain builds courage! You can’t be strong, brave and a winner if only good things happen to you. You have to go through the tough times and obstacles to find out what you’re really capable of.”

Along the way, you’ll also see how he can inspire your group to new heights, just like he has thousands of others. Let him help you bring out the champion that lies within us all with his motivational and inspirational presentations.

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ERI Solutions Inc.
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