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Kevin Saunders has been called “One of Top 100 Motivational Speakers” in the world. Audiences are deeply moved to action when they hear about his personal journey from disaster victim to elite Paralympic athlete and renowned inspirational speaker. His is a journey that presented many unimaginable personal and physical challenges before he found a way to ignite the spark that catapulted him into belief, self-confidence and uncompromising success in every aspect of life.

2015 Telly Award Silver Winner

Awarded Silver Telly (the highest honor) in “Documentary Film” category, from over 12,000 entries.

2015 Telly Award Bronze Winner

Awarded Bronze Telly in “Cinematography” category.

Intendence Heart Award 2016Awarded the Intendence Film Festival “Heart Award” for Documentary Short.

World Champion Kevin Saunders

If you’re not familiar with the name Kevin Saunders, chances are you may not be familiar with one of America’s greatest success stories. No, he’s not another Steve Jobs, revolutionizing the computer and smartphone industries; he’s not another Mark Zuckerberg, who invented Facebook to connect billions of people worldwide, not only to stay in touch but for conducting business as well; nor is he the one to outlast the rest on the TV show “Survivor.” Kevin Saunders keeps company with American Presidents. He hangs out with action heroes – and he’s even created a few in his time. Best of all, he’s become a living example of what it is to overcome the worst odds and end up becoming the person who inspires others to aim beyond previous limitations to reach new levels of excellence and achievement that have never been achieved before.

He became the world’s greatest wheelchair athlete, one of world’s top motivational speakers, and a best-selling author who serves as the motivational Coach for the Kansas State University football team. Kevin is a top health and fitness speaker, and a sought-after sports speaker for athletic programs.

Kevin is also a Safety Champion, speaking to audiences at corporations and production plants about the critical role of workplace safety for employees, the company, and its mission.

As a federal inspector for the USDA, Kevin was nearly killed on the job due to a mix of equipment failure and human error. These factors caused a violent explosion that completely destroyed the building he was in, killing 10 coworkers in an instant. When the explosion reached him, the wall of the building blew out in his face and threw him through the roof, over a two story building. He flew over 300 feet (over the length of a football field), landing hard on the back of his head and shoulders on a concrete parking lot. The force of his blast blew his legs over his torso, breaking his ribs, collapsing his lungs and severing his spine over at his chest. This personal experience has made him a renowned safety speaker among companies that need to inspire their teams to greater safety awareness and accountability.

Former President George H. W. Bush once said of Kevin Saunders, “Each time (I encounter him), I’m more impressed with his perseverance and courage. (But) what fuels my admiration (about Kevin) is the knowledge that the most frightening moments of my life – and I was shot down twice in World War II – are not equal to what Kevin experiences on a regular basis.”

World famous Uber-man Arnold Schwarzenegger concurs, saying, “You have inspired me with your positive attitude and determination, You continue to raise the bar for everyone, to show people of all ages that you can turn dreams into reality. Thank you for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life!”

Kevin Saunders’ life changed forever after that workplace accident, when everything he considered normal and sacred in life changed in fractions of a second. He was a victim of a terrible catastrophic event, and his injuries were so great the medical profession considered it a miracle that he even survived. He spent an entire year in one hospital or another, most all that time in a body cast, and many days, weeks and months in the throes of depression.

What he came to find out as a result of this overwhelmingly dire process that changed the course of his life, was that his personal worth was far greater than the sum of the use of his limbs; that he offered the world more than just a body. And triumphantly, not only has he overcome the odds mentally and emotionally – he’s also overcome them physically, in ways his doctors, friends, relatives and by-standers never thought possible.

Kevin would go on to achieve superhuman athletic feats, culminating in multiple world records at the Paralympic and World Games as a wheelchair athlete. He’d also star alongside Tom Cruise in the Oliver Stone film “Born on the Fourth of July,” and was honored to be appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, first under George H.W. Bush and then under Bill Clinton. Throughout this unbelievable journey, Kevin has been able to observe in his own life, the skills, work ethic, techniques and attitude that allow one to overcome adversity, regardless of the odds or the nature of the challenges.

Kevin is a seasoned speaker with over 25 years of experience, with more than 5,000 speeches under his belt to Fortune 100 companies, industry giants, non-profits, universities and schools. As a motivational speaker, he takes the stage each time knowing that he can inspire the audience to greater self-confidence, to optimal performance, to better collaboration, and ultimately toward their greatest personal and professional goals. Furthermore, Kevin prepares for each audience, customizing his message to best address the challenges, goals and opportunities confronting those in attendance – no “canned” speeches. It’s sometimes said that motivation doesn’t last, but Kevin shares a compelling framework and proven strategies to equip audiences with the tools they need to take continued action toward success.

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