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For over 30 years, Kevin Saunders has been recognized as a top Motivational Speaker, helping groups like NASA, State Farm, AT&T and many others achieve breakthrough success. Based on his experience as a Paralympic Track and Field champion and world record holder in multiple events, Kevin knows exactly what it takes to overcome obstacles, achieve peak performance, and develop a champion’s mindset in sports, business and in life.

Kevin teaches audiences that no matter what their goals are – sales, safety, or even winning championships – there are just a few indispensable factors that spell the difference between failure and success. Between coming up short and achieving goals that previously seemed out of reach, or even impossible. And he shows them exactly how to adopt these crucial practices to FIND THE CHAMPION WITHIN.

As a Safety Speaker, no one can match Kevin’s passion, and his ability to inspire organizations to adopt and operate by Safety First principles. His work with safety-focused companies has been instrumental in creating “zero incident” workplaces, and instilling a greater sense of accountability within each individual across a team.

What makes Kevin’s story so compelling? His awe-inspiring message comes from his lifelong competitive nature, and the transformational moment when he was paralyzed from the chest down during a grain elevator explosion. He shares his unforgettable journey, and all of the opportunities and experiences that he embraced along the way, reminding groups that they don’t have to go through the tragedy he endured to start living to their fullest potential.

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