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I pushed approximately 10 miles from downtown to the interstate with a police motorcycle escort we averaged about 17 to 20 mph with the Police leading the way. I went to city Hall and received a proclamation from the Mayor on Friday a couple days before and now it’s time to move on to the

It was good to get a break. When you are working out you take break days to give your muscles time to repair and your body time to recover. As a Paralympian and champion wheelchair athlete I know the importance of rest. Today I recovered. I stayed busy and got things done but stayed off

As I was pushing through the pain on the USA Health & Fitness Tour sometimes I ripped the skin right off my fingers right down to the bone. Some days I climbed hills that seem to go on for ever, other days the heat index off the black pavement exceeded 120 degrees farhenheit, other days

Total miles pushed: 66 Defiance, OH. It took almost 4 hours, where we met with the Defiance Crescent Newspaper at around 1P.M. and spoke with Jenny briefly who took our picture. It should be interesting to see the differences in pictures from the start of this trip to the end. I’ve got a long way

On this day day during the tour we were honored to meet city council members at Toledo City Hall. Councilman Michael Ashford presented me with an official glass on behalf of Mayor Jack Ford.  I was also presented with a Proclamation from City Council representative Peter Gerken. Once again, the great folks from the media were on

If it is to be it is up to me. Those words echoed in my head as I started my recovery from the terrible explosion that changed my life so drastically. I was in a wheelchair, my wife had left me and I was broke. Things were looking pretty dark but with the help of

I started with pushing my wheelchair from South Rockford, Mi to Monroe, MI 22.5 miles.I had an interview with WNIC Radio, where we discussed the tour and my fitness initiatives for the nation, then we immediately left for a newspaper interview. Not since my paralympic and wheelchair racing days had I done so much media.

Dora and I rode with Bob Layne to ABC news in Detroit, named the fattest city in America at the time. Every year it seems there is a new “fattest city”. My own city of Houston held the dubious honor at one time. I hope my tour will help transform America and we will be

Overview – Three months worth of intense preparation for the Tour: physically, mentally, and nutritionally, for “The Big Push.” I trained at HealthSpan with owner, Robert Davenport. My routine consisted of weight-training four days a week. My weight-training schedule was two days on and one day off for approximately two hours a day. I was

I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog about my Tour Across America and my new book “Revolutions” – hooking America on fitness with every turn of the wheel. The book chronicles my journey and goes into detail about my methods and plan to help the United States beat its obesity epidemic. It’ll be a real