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I started with pushing my wheelchair from South Rockford, Mi to Monroe, MI 22.5 miles.I had an interview with WNIC Radio, where we discussed the tour and my fitness initiatives for the nation, then we immediately left for a newspaper interview. Not since my paralympic and wheelchair racing days had I done so much media.

Dora and I rode with Bob Layne to ABC news in Detroit, named the fattest city in America at the time. Every year it seems there is a new “fattest city”. My own city of Houston held the dubious honor at one time. I hope my tour will help transform America and we will be

Overview – Three months worth of intense preparation for the Tour: physically, mentally, and nutritionally, for “The Big Push.” I trained at HealthSpan with owner, Robert Davenport. My routine consisted of weight-training four days a week. My weight-training schedule was two days on and one day off for approximately two hours a day. I was

I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog about my Tour Across America and my new book “Revolutions” – hooking America on fitness with every turn of the wheel. The book chronicles my journey and goes into detail about my methods and plan to help the United States beat its obesity epidemic. It’ll be a real

For all the attention paid to America’s conflicts overseas, it sometimes gets lost that we’re fighting another war right here at home.  While this war might not be as prominent in the daily news, it’s every bit as deadly – claiming the lives of millions of us each year.  It can’t be fought with battalions