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Kevin speaking to the 2016 K-State football team at the beginning of the season Throughout my years serving as the Motivational Coach for the Kansas State University football team, I’ve had the honor of meeting and working with some very special and talented young student athletes that Coach Snyder and his staff has brought to Kansas

There is a ton of excitement in the air! Students are heading back to school and taking on a new year of growth and opportunity. The 2016 Rio Olympics just wrapped up, where we witnessed a number of huge performances by incredible athletes. Among the standouts was Usain Bolt, who crushed the competition on the

As most programs across America just finished their second week of action, we are in full swing for football season! It’s amazing what a successful program can do for you & your university, and how it can help you stay committed to your fitness goals! Fired Up and Working For It! Before the start of

“Bringing out the Champion Within to enable you to reach your Ultimate Goals!” I recently spoke to a group of corporate leaders regarding getting their teams to reach their ultimate goals by finding the champion within. I was in Park City, Utah, against the backdrop of 2002 Olympic Park, which is still in pristine condition

State senators are sponsoring a resolution for a native son to head America’s highest fitness council. Link The resolution was presented in the Kansas Senate Wednesday afternoon to support Kevin Saunders to receive the position of Chairman of the President’s Council on Fitness and Sports. Saunders lives in Texas but is originally from Downs in

Kill’em, Cook’em & Eat’em! GO USF BULLS 2009!