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In addition to being a Paralympic wheelchair athlete and author I work as a motivational coach and inspirational speaker. In that role I’ve been invited to speak to the University of Southern Florida Bulls today. Bulls head coach Jim Leavitt and I worked together at Kansas State where he was the co-defensive coordinator while I

8 a.m. CST – Dora and I went to the Black Hawk Christian Church.  We listened to Pastor Kelly Byrd who spoke on the subject of Father’s Day and about how women need to be strong for their husbands. It is the women who help provide the strength for fathers.  It was a good message

As I was pushing through the pain on the USA Health & Fitness Tour sometimes I ripped the skin right off my fingers right down to the bone. Some days I climbed hills that seem to go on for ever, other days the heat index off the black pavement exceeded 120 degrees farhenheit, other days

If it is to be it is up to me. Those words echoed in my head as I started my recovery from the terrible explosion that changed my life so drastically. I was in a wheelchair, my wife had left me and I was broke. Things were looking pretty dark but with the help of