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I had the honor of meeting Tina Chandler, a former bodybuilding champion, a couple of years ago. Last year my wife Dora and I started strength training with Tina. We can say without hesitation she is one of the best strength trainers, with in-depth knowledge and expertise. She is helping us make effective changes and has surpassed our expectations!

Along with our strength training, Tina also provided meal plans, which helped us retain our desired weight, strength and fitness levels. The detail of when and what we should eat along with keeping up with our strength condition which are both paramount in helping us to reach our fitness goals.

Her instruction includes learning the perfect angles, reps, and body posture. This enables us to focus specifically on the muscles we are training. With her help, we will go beyond our previous limitations to reach new levels of fitness and strength needed to get fit and stay there! I recommend Tina Chandler to anyone who truly wants to reach and surpass their fitness goals now, and maintain or improve over time.

Here is Tina Chandler’s story. I know you will find it uplifting and inspiring. It explains why she is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches working today.

Tina Chandler is a professional female bodybuilder who rose to the top of elite bodybuilding in the world. She competed in the Ms. Olympia 4 times (2009-2011, 2013) and once placed 8th in the world.  She feels her background as a gymnast and lifetime athlete helped her excel and has dedicated her life to empowering others by passing on her expertise, discipline, and drive for excellence. Tina gives the world a more positive impression of muscular women from her feminine appearance, and uses her knowledge from elite bodybuilding to educate and guide the public to a healthier and more meaningful way of life. She has always had a healthy mind for fitness and believes it is essential to overall well-being. Using her NORMAL TO BE FIT® message, Tina is leading us all into a more fulfilling future as a whole!

Tina Chandler after a bodybuilding contest win & on the gigantic lit up screen in her bikini where millions of people from around the world she her in Times Square NYC

Strong…No Matter What!

At a very young age, I developed an intense admiration and desire towards strength and physical power. It wasn’t enough to admire at a distance, I wanted it for myself. I had to see what I could do, and what I was capable of. This drive and determination turned out to be my strongest motivator, whether I was conscious of it or not. When I look back at my life and see some of the choices I made, good or bad, one thing remained the same…working out and training for excellence!

I had a humble background and grew up on a farm in Louisiana with my mom, dad, and two brothers, one older, one younger. I feel this upbringing gave me a strong foundation of healthy eating from the garden we kept, and just simply from farm life itself. In that life and in our family culture, we were raised to stand tall and face our fears as they came. “No room for sissies,” as we said.

You could say that this began the strength context of my life, but I say it wasn’t until I became totally obsessed with gymnastics after watching it on TV. Something deep inside of me admired the strength and power it took to do gymnastics, and I KNEW I could do it too! I dreamt and fantasized of being a gymnast in the Olympics as far back as 4 years old! It wasn’t until I was 8 years old, however, that I took my first gymnastics class. I was totally a natural at it! Whether it was my genetics, or all those years of visualizing it, it didn’t matter. I excelled quickly and my coaches recommended me for competition. Within just ONE YEAR, I was on the competition team!

My admiration went from Nadia Comaneci, who was known for performing the very first PERFECT TEN in the 1976 Olympics, to Mary Lou Retton for performing ALL PERFECT TENS in the Olympics! They were the best, and my focus was always on demanding the best of myself. I worked hard at being a great gymnast, and even harder at being STRONG. In fact, I remember being teased at a slumber party for doing exercises on my own, but I didn’t let that stop me. I noticed that I had been developing more muscles than the other girls, and I felt proud. I even earned the nickname ‘Little Mary Lou’ because of the similar display of power when I did my gymnastics. For me, strength was first, then came grace and finesse.

In fact, in all these years of living in the same corner of the world as Mary Lou, I never got to meet her, though I came close. My mom and I attended a lunch where we sat with her world-renowned coach, Bella Karoli. He autographed the brochure I had from that day.

Overcoming Fear Was Part of My Journey

I continued to work very hard towards my goal to be a champion gymnast. This meant putting 100% into everything: practice, stretching, training, and nutrition. Everything I did was for gymnastics. This also meant facing some terrifying FEARS! As time passed, it became very evident that I had a fear of HEIGHTS. Each time I flipped or flew over the high bars or vaults, I was SCARED…but I did it anyway! I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast and achieve MY BEST so much that I faced my fear of heights every single time I practiced and competed in front of thousands of people. I don’t think I would have become the person (or athlete) I am today without facing those fears and learning how to take ACTION towards my goal regardless of how I felt inside.

Tina Chandler doing gymnastics at the age of 12

I remember there was this one move on the uneven parallel bars where I had to let go of the bottom bar in midair and catch the high bar. I had never successfully done this in practice, but I visualized doing it perfect right before I stepped up and competed in a meet. I kept my eyes open and forced myself to let go and catch the bar. I DID IT!!! I won first place and overall at the STATE meet during in that moment! All I had to do was believe in myself and set my fears aside. This helped me gain great confidence in myself. I think it is VERY important to set your goals high and go for it, regardless of your fears or any thoughts you may have that you’re not good enough. I learned a lot during these times and am very grateful to have gotten these lessons so early on in my life.

After 5 years of competing and rising in the ranks, I had earned my opportunity to train for the prospective 1992 Olympics, because my coaches felt this was a realistic goal for me. I was excited and proud but I decided to decline the offer. There was a lot of strain on my family during this time, and I retired from gymnastics. I was sad but went on to the next chapter in my life.

From Gymnast to Weight Lifter

During that summer before high school (13 yrs old), I began weight lifting. I had built a really strong body, and there was NO WAY I was going to lose that! The only place to workout on weights was in the high school football field house. Apparently, I was the first girl to ever do this, and to say that the football team didn’t like me in there is an understatement! They were very unwelcoming, but that didn’t matter to me! Nothing was going to stop ME from keeping my physical condition I’d built from those intense years of training as a gymnast!!!

Tina looked up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cory Everson, two of bodybuilding’s greatest champions.

I read muscle magazines like Muscle & Fitness to learn lifting techniques and form. I also watched ESPN’s Body Shaping by Cory Everson religiously to see how the experts worked out. Back then, I didn’t realize how much admiration I had for bodybuilders. I followed Lenda Murray, Cory Everson, Lee Lebrada and Shawn Ray simply because their physiques were so well balanced, and I wanted that. In fact, I knew I had it and wanted to ultimately shape and SCULPT it. In gymnastics, I learned a strict discipline for training on a regular schedule. I used this same discipline towards lifting weights, learning all that I could, and training every day. I created a schedule and stuck to it, just as we did in gymnastics.

Tina in her cheerleading outfit in school

From there, I played every sport my high school offered (Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Tennis Team, cheerleading, competitive squad). My background in gymnastics and my strength training had me in tip-top shape and helped me excel at everything I tried. I could say I was not always the best player on the teams, but I was easily the strongest and most disciplined. I had a strong work ethic for practice and putting in extra effort on and off the field. I was pretty well-known for my strength, especially “for a girl.” I even remember winning all the presidential fitness awards when that came around. I beat everyone in the school for pull-ups, including the guys! I used my strength and athleticism to become a better player and perform at my very best.

Tina with some of her awards as a volleyball player in school

I just wanted to be the best I could be…in everything I did. Being strong was number one but being smart and making a difference in the world became very prominent forces in my life as well. I excelled academically and had a solid choice of the typical doctor or lawyer path. I was great at both. I was president of the debate team, and I worked in the hospital for 2 years of my high school career in a co-op program for college. Eventually, I decided on the doctor route, especially after I had my taste in a law office.

During the summer between 11th & 12th grade, at the age of 16, I worked as a receptionist in a law office. I found myself feeling very awkward there, and I noticed that I had a hard time working within that office culture. I tried my best to fit in and learn as much as I could. However, by the end of the summer, I had gained over 15 pounds of body weight and was left feeling more than uncomfortable with myself. At that time, I had not figured out how to manage my time and food properly. Nonetheless, I decided then that this was not the best environment for me! I promised myself to choose a career that had a more physically active nature so I could continue my fitness journey more easily. My decision to pursue medicine was easy at that point. Looking back at my decisions, I only wish I knew then what I know today about how to maintain a healthy diet no matter what kind of job you have. Back then, I thought it was all about working out harder and running faster. Today, I have learned that diet plays a more major role than I had realized before.

I don’t know of many people at 16 years old that really know what they want, but at that point, I knew what I DIDN’T want…and that was to be out of shape! In my mind, this was the ONLY decision to make. At the end of the day, having a strong and conditioned body was more important to me, even more important to me than becoming a lawyer.

A Tina Chandler poster

College Bound

I excelled in my studies and loved studying chemistry, math all the sciences you would learn to become an M.D.

I graduated Willis High School in 1992 and started college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. I was confident in my decision to become a doctor and went full speed ahead on my mission for a Biology Major/Chemistry Minor, pre-med endeavor. I was so ambitious that, like everything I did, I wanted to finish early and start making a difference in the world even faster! I got a job at Nautilus Health Center and soon after became a certified personal trainer. Little did I know that THIS would become my lifelong career. I was always determined to do more, but it’s funny how life works out. I think fitness had made such a positive impact in MY life that I became very passionate about helping other people experience similar results.

My studies were consuming with a full workload each semester, but I NEVER stopped working out. I always made time for that! I also became a vegetarian my first semester as another attempt to create my best physical body. In fact, I was so determined that I remained vegetarian for the next 10 years!

An Expected Turn/Overachiever Burnout

I ended up burning myself out on school and quit school in my second year of college when a new relationship began to distract me from my studies. Even though I got off track with school, I still stayed true to myself and what was important to me, which was working out. I didn’t let anything or anyone stop me from that. During this time, I became a massage therapist and continued helping people in the gym. Then, after being a caregiver for another relationship I was in, I decided to finally give bodybuilding a try.

Bodybuilding Starts…the Rest Is History LOL

I felt that my life was finally in a place where I could focus more on myself and the things I really wanted to do like bodyuilding.  I also knew, however, that if I did something, it was going to be 110%.  Finding the right coach for this was a MUST.  Fortunately, I did just that!  Johnnie West was the owner of Houston Gym, and he was known to be an expert in biochemistry with a powerlifting background.

In 2003, My coach, Johnnie West, took me under his wing and saw great potential in me! He assessed my physique and determined I had lots of muscle and that BODYBUILDING was definitely the best category for me to compete in. He wrote out a meal plan for me to follow along with an intense cardio and training schedule. This was what I was ready for and my whole life of discipline from gymnastics and sports had prepared me for this!

I started my journey to my first bodybuilding competition. The diet was the hardest thing I had ever done because I had to eat every three hours and measure everything I ate. I learned how to really manage my time and plan my days, weeks, and months in order to accomplish just the diet alone. Plus, I was beginning to introduce some protein/meat back into my life simply because I began to see that being vegetarian wasn’t necessarily the way to build a hard body. I started to see how lean protein played a key role in creating a lean body. Most vegetarian foods that have some protein also have just as many, if not, more carbohydrates. The carbohydrates will store as fat if they are not burned off through exercise. Therefore, having just the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat is super important. In order to achieve a very low body-fat percentage, which is needed for bodybuilding, the carbs need to be pretty low. It was clear to me, then, why vegetarianism was not quite the answer for me. I must add, however, that I love to eat and enjoy vegetarian food very much. I also felt great eating this way as well and absolutely support other people if this is their choice, especially if it is for spiritual reasons or something much deeper than for looks.

First Bodybuilding Show, First-Place Finish

I entered in my first competition, and I WON FIRST place at the 2004 NPC Southwest USA contest in Dallas, TX! All the hard work had paid off, and I was excited! I’ll never forget some of the great people that supported me during this time. Having the right people around you is very important. When you’re on a mission to succeed, positive people and supportive energy are absolutely a must !!!!

I was offered a photo shoot a couple weeks after the competition, but I had not created my discipline for staying in shape yet. After this great victory, I celebrated a bit too much and was in terrible shape compared to when I was on the stage. I was embarrassed, but decided that would never happen again. I learned my lesson to keep being my best NO MATTER WHAT! I promised myself I would stay disciplined on my food from that point on.

My New Normal – Stay In Shape Always

I quickly started working on this promise to myself and made an adjustment on my mindset. I asked myself why I would go back to eating like ‘normal’, for example 3 meals a day with happy hour and brunches, when this OTHER way obviously was optimal for my performance, health, and wellbeing! I really started to look at this for myself and decided that eating 6 meals as opposed to 3 main meals would become my everyday ‘NORM’. I never wanted to get out of shape again, and after that I never did. After all, it had taken me 30 years to finally find answers and gain control of my body and life, I wasn’t about to lose it now! I learned that no number of tricks, gimmicks, fasting, or vegetarianism would amount to this knowledge. I was excited to have some answers about fitness and food.

Tina Chandler on her way to becoming one
of the top bodybuilding females in the world

I was also MOTIVATED to get back on stage and be even better than I ever was. The fire was in me once again as it was when I trained in gymnastics. I had MISSED that feeling so much! All my life, I’d wanted to make up for not going to the Olympics. Now, my replacement for that was turning PRO as a female bodybuilder. I truly felt I was back on track to achieving my lifelong goal and at best the equivalent to that. I did everything my coach told me and was more disciplined and determined than ever.

I began to prepare for next year’s show and Won FIRST and the OVERALL trophy in 2005. That placing qualified me for the USA National Competition in Las Vegas, NV where I placed 2nd! This made quite a splash as it was unheard of to go from local level champion to National level Champion so fast! I was one of the fastest-rising female bodybuilders of the time. I continued to work even harder to see how far I could go and see what my best actually was.

When I won my PRO CARD in 2007, I felt like I had finally made up for that gymnastics dream I never got to fulfill. That pro card was my proudest moment. It reflected all the hard work I had done over the years. The foundation I had built over the years and years of consistent work in the gym was all paying off.

Life as a Pro Female Bodybuilder – Muscular and Feminine

With this accomplishment, celebration was in order, however I decided to get right back up and compete just 5 months later for my PRO STAGE DEBUT in 2008 at the NY Pro!

Nothing was stopping me now that I was on a roll. I placed 7th and went on to reach for the top! Below are the results throughout my career:

Contest History:

  • 2004 – SW Texas, NPC, Novice Lightweight, 1st
  • 2005 – USA Championships, NPC, Middleweight, 2nd
  • 2006 – USA Championships, NPC, middleweight, 1st
  • 2006 – Nationals, NPC, Middleweight, 5th
  • 2007 – Nationals, NPC, Middleweight, 1st – PRO CARD – 🥇
  • 2008 – New York Pro Championships, IFBB, 7th
  • 2009 – Tampa Bay Pro, IFBB, 3rd
  • 2009 – Olympia, IFBB, 10th – MY FIRST OLYMPIA – 💪
  • 2010 – Tampa Bay Pro, IFBB, 2nd
  • 2010 – Ms Olympia, IFBB, 8th – Best Placing 🏆
  • 2011 – Ms International, IFBB, 8th – ARNOLD INVITATION ONLY !!!!
  • 2011 – Tampa Pro, IFBB, 2nd – Best Poser Award 🥇
  • 2011 – Ms Olympia, IFBB, 10th
  • 2012 –Ms International, IFBB, 13th – ARNOLD INVITATION ONLY !!!!
  • 2013 – Chicago Pro, IFBB, 3rd
  • 2013 – Tampa Pro, IFBB, 4th
  • 2013 – Ms Olympia, IFBB, 12th

In 2009, I qualified for the OLYMPIA, the most prestigious competition in the world in our sport! I made a splash once again finishing in the top 10 in the world! Over the next 5 years, I competed and qualified for the OLYMPIA and the ARNOLD except for the year 2012 for which I did an Xfinity commercial! I worked with some great icons like Mike O’Hearn and Kali Muscle. In order to achieve your goals, you must be true to yourself. In 2012, I had a few personal issues going on that I didn’t realize at the time had caused me to lose focus. I had started training with a new coach, George Farah, and he suggested that I take off a year to process everything properly. I followed his suggestion and began to focus on the next year. This year taught me that I must always ‘check in’ with myself and more or less ‘be real’ with myself. You can’t fool yourself into thinking everything is okay if it truly is not. Being true to yourself and being authentic with yourself is an absolute must!


Keys to My Success

These are some of the most valuable things I did well, allowing me to compete at the top 15 in the world:

I learned that good products matter!
I’m a big fan of Lee Labrada who made the transition from being a top bodybuilder to having the most trusted products and supplements in the bodybuilding world. Labrada Nutrition developed some of the purest products and his Proplete Whey Isolate Protein Powder was my favorite throughout most of my competing years. Labrada products are still made with great ingredients and formulas, helping pros get the right nutrition for this very demanding sport.

I learned that rest is important.
In fact, rest and recovery are just as important as great workouts and excellent nutrition. There were times when my body was pushed so far, and I would come down with a cold or something similar. I learned that proper rest and recovery would get me back on track faster as opposed to pushing through or overdoing it.

I learned how to safely work around injuries and still keep competing!
I remember one year when I injured my shoulder and could not do any shoulder presses. I was, however, able to do isolated exercises in order to continue training. My shoulder healed in about 9 months, but I still competed on the Olympia stage that year. I did exercises that did not bother the area and that allowed it to heal.

I learned to LOVE to work on my weaknesses!
Recognize your weaknesses and embrace them fully. Along the way, I noticed certain body parts were not as developed as the others. I would not have gotten to 8th in the world if I had not fully embraced and learned to love to work those areas I wasn’t as fond of! I reprogrammed my mind to actually LOVE working some of my least favorite areas to work. I used to hate working biceps, now I love it! Work on your weaknesses!

I learned to train SMARTER, overall! Work harder, but work harder SMARTER.

Almost Meeting Arnold

Tina Chandler doing her first national HD commercial for Xfinity

I always wanted to make a positive impact for women and girls and show them that women can be strong and feminine too. Being INVITED to compete at the ARNOLD several times was one of the biggest honors…you had to be INVITED, not just qualify. As many times as I did compete on Arnold’s stage as a PRO BODYBUILDER, I still never got to meet him. Arnold would always award the FIRST-place finishers on stage. I kept telling myself, “well, THAT’s when I will GET to meet him…”.

I did, however, meet my other two idols who I studied growing up. 8x Ms. Olympia, Lenda Murray and 6x Ms. Olympia Cory Everson! These two ladies were just as GREAT if not greater in person and upheld every expectation I had EVER had! I’m forever grateful to call them friends and to also hopefully follow in their footsteps. Being a gracious public figure is important to me and I take pride in that as well. These two ladies were the epitome of this.

Post-Competition – Staying Fit For Life!

The 2013 Ms. Olympia was my last competition to date. I intentionally took a year off to build my financial future and NORMAL TO BE FIT® business. Months after the competition, I met my husband, Carl Ducena. He is an actor from New York and is also a producer and motivational speaker. We married 2 years later and have been building a very inspirational life together ever since. I had always wanted a partner for life, and this was my FIRST time ever actually getting married. It was a very big deal for me and him also! All I know is that I always have wanted to make a difference in the world, and I had finally met someone who REALLY wanted to do that also!

We are doing just that. We have founded 4 companies including two production companies, a fitness brand company and one non-profit organization. Our lives have become very purpose-driven. God works in mysterious ways. A young man with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis approached me about being his bodybuilding coach and that he wanted to become a bodybuilder. His name is Wade McCrae Washington. By following my own heart and God-given message, I said YES and volunteered my time to train him. Without knowing much, I studied and coached him to becoming a PRO BODYBUILDER in the Global Bodybuilding Organization.

Since then, I have also trained his wife, BJ Glaze. It took her ONE FULL YEAR to be able to trust me to work with her. BJ also has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and scoliosis and is even more limited physically. She had not walked in 17 years before our training together. After the first 6 months, she was able to walk with her walker on stage at a pageant for girls and women with disabilities, The Texas Miss Amazing Pageant!

Apparently, a trend started to happen that my natural gift began to shine. You could say that I found my calling. Working with people with different ‘abilities’ (or more commonly said ‘disabilities’) has become my passion, and I am most fulfilled in this line of work!

I began to accept many opportunities to help people with disabilities, and loved the challenge! An opportunity to help change the world for the better was finally starting to present itself. I feel so happy doing this, and I am so grateful for my husband, Carl, because his heart is the same way. We started saying YES to everyone that needed help. We gave our time and energy to the disabled community. We decided to host an event to help share this passion…the NORMAL TO BE FIT® Expo and Education Day. It is a day where everything is offered regarding fitness…nutrition, movements, yoga, martial arts, CrossFit, etc….and all for the ADAPTIVE athlete. It has become an annual event and we have even received our OWN DAY from the mayor of the City of Houston called NORMAL TO BE FIT® Day. We successfully started a nonprofit organization specifically for this purpose called NORMAL TO BE FIT® Charitable Foundation so we can accept donations in order to continue the work.

My desire to become strong my whole life no matter what led me down these many paths! It led to a path of 8th in the world and a wisdom of working out and connection with the body. I developed this skill over a lifetime, and I am now able to help other people do the same, NO MATTER WHAT BODY THEY HAVE!

It All Makes Sense Now

My life is all starting to make a lot of sense at this point! I feel that all the experiences I had competing and putting my body through so much taught me how to help others better! I have had clients over the years tell me that they learned so much from me. They say I taught them how to experience the muscle more deeply and completely in a way they never had felt before. I am passionate about truly teaching people how to become independent in training their bodies. I believe this practice should be considered a regular part of life; just as brushing your teeth is. After all, once I adjusted my mindset, I always kept working out and became very liberated by gaining CONTROL of my life and goals. I naturally just want that happiness for EVERYONE!!!

This is where my “NORMAL TO BE FIT®” saying came from! I noticed teaching this mindset made a difference in my clients after they started showing signs of slowing down or doubting if all the hard work was worth it. I explain that “going back to their other life was NOT actually NORMAL…for their bodies.” The bodybuilding lifestyle became very ‘normal’ for me and has enabled me to stay in great shape, even years AFTER competing. I feel I have a lot to teach considering I have seen many bodybuilders get fat and out of shape after competing. I haven’t! This is because my mind has accepted this new ‘normal’ and my actions are consistent with that. Many dietitians and nutritionists have been trying to explain this for decades, but they only go into detail after someone has been diagnosed with diabetes. WHY WAIT ’TIL THEN? After seeing that my coaching and concepts worked on ALL WALKS OF LIFE, I began to see this vision for creating a NORMAL TO BE FIT® world in hopes that more and more people can gain control of their lives and therefore live a happier and more liberated way of life.

Having the Right Support Helps You Go Further

My entire journey has happened this way so that I could make an impact in the world in the most positive way possible! After finding my life-mate, Carl Ducena, I also felt more empowered to carry this message forward to as many people as possible. Carl is an actor, producer, and motivational speaker with a huge heart and even bigger personality to match. His outgoing passion has helped me embrace my purpose to reach wider audiences via TV, Film, and other media outlets! We are certainly a complement to each other, considering that my humbleness alone may not have had me step into the spotlight as much as I am willing to now. I believe in our message, and I am very dedicated to impacting as many lives as possible!

Tina Chandler with husband, Carl Ducena

Tina Chandler with husband, Carl Ducena

It’s funny because I hadn’t seen how destined it was for me to be seen even after doing the commercial in 2012. I have begun to see that I can reach more people at one time through television and make a bigger impact FASTER. Needless to say, we are on a mission to make happy, healthy television! We want to bring the ‘feel good’ back to shows and inspire people to be better altogether.

Join Tina and Inhale Confidence & Exhale Doubt!

At the end of the day, I stayed true to myself and didn’t waiver on what was most important to me. I kept going no matter what. By doing this, I grew spiritually and have landed with a strong purpose. During my hardest days in training, I had Faith and kept pushing harder than I thought I could. I also embraced training as a time for deeper self-discovery. A lot of people do not look at it this way, and I whole-heartedly believe THEREFORE I have developed so many skills to truly empower other people in their bodies, minds, and spirits for a better and more liberated future. Look deeper within yourself, and you’ll always find answers and motivation!


I think staying fit is something we should all do if possible so let’s Inhale Confidence & Exhale Doubt to make sure you are always in it so you can win it!

I’m so grateful to Tina Chandler for allowing us to share her story. As our strength training and condition coach, she has certainly helped Dora and I achieve great results, but she is also making a great positive impact on the world. We wish Tina and Carl much success in their upcoming projects!

You can learn more about Tina Chandler on Wikipedia. For FREE health tips follow Tina on Facebook. If you like to learn more about the Normal to Be Fit® foundation, or to make a donation visit

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