Frequently Asked Questions

Kevin is a former paralympic athlete who has been called “The Best Wheelchair Athlete” in the world. A world champion and multiple world record holder and gold medallist many times over, he has won medals and participated in the Paralympic, Pan American & World Games. Kevin was the first person with a disability to be appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports by President George H. Bush, and the only person reappointed by President William J. Clinton. He is a nationally known award-winning speaker, author and consultant.
Kevin is a paraplegic and is paralyzed from the chest down. He cannot move or feel anything below that point. This means he can not tell or feel if he has been injured in any manner below his chest (if he does not see it actually happen) such as being burned, cut, jabbed with a sharp object, bitten etc.
Kevin claims three hometowns. The first one is Downs, Kansas, where he was raised. It lies less than 20 miles from the geographical center of the United States. He was born and raised on a farm. The other is Corpus Christi, Texas, where he got a second chance on life in a new body, which uses a wheelchair. After graduating from Kansas State University, he took a job in Corpus Christi as a Federal Inspector for the USDA. He was severely injured in a grain elevator explosion that killed 10 of his co-workers and injured many others. Houston, Texas is also where he lived many years after his accident and trained to be one of the top wheelchair athletes in the world. He also was featured many times in the Houston News from television sports interviews, competitions and commercials in radio and print media.
Try sitting on an inflated basketball on the floor, then put your legs out straight and rest your heals on an empty egg carton. Remember not to use your leg muscles or hip flexors. Keep very little weight on your heels! Be sure not to dent or crush the empty egg carton as you bend.) Then have someone hand you a couple of 2 pound dumb bells (D.B.’s) and try lifting them (8 to 12 rep sets) from different positions like, above your head in what is called an overhead press. Then try some lateral raises, some tricep kick-backs, front raises, up-rows etc. If you haven’t lost your balance yet go up in weight. Kevin routinely lifts the 40 to 60 pound dumb bells over head. He also lifts the 100 pound D.B’s on bench press and shruggs, he must be given the weights very carefully, because just a 90 pound D.B, setting on its end when it falls over, a person who has had their finger on the floor has had it smashed flat. What keeps Kevin battling these incredible odds is that he realizes that he is completely paralyzed from the chest down and must remain as strong and fit as possible if he is going to carry on an active and fit life style, and encourage us all to do the same as well.
To date, Kevin has helped hundreds of businesses, corporations, and associations reach their goals — and even surpass them. For example, Kevin inspired and motivated the Dallas/Fort Worth area sales force of the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages to achieve the largest book in their company’s history. After his keynote message or peak performance workshops, everyone leaves feeling inspired and motivated to be their best. Like Kevin says: “Pain builds courage! You can’t be strong, brave and a winner if only good things happen to you. You have to go through the tough times and obstacles to find out what you’re really capable of.”
Please email, fax, or call his office at 713-686-0077 to find out if Kevin is available to speak at your event.
He has literally and figuratively overcome his adversity and turned his tragedy into a success. Let him share his secrets with you and help you bring out the champion within.
Most keynote presentations are approximately 60 minutes, and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your events.
Kevin speaks to Fortune 100 & 500 companies, as well as large, medium and small companies and businesses. He also speaks to schools K-12, colleges, universities, associations, clubs, organizations, and MLMs, etc.
Yes, see Kevin’s biography here.
The fees are based on your customized needs and event along with the number of presentations requested. Please feel free to contact Saunders & Associates through email or 713-686-0077 (phone).
The fees are based on your customized needs and event along with the number of presentations requested. Please feel free to contact Saunders & Associates through email or 713-686-0077 (phone).
The fees are based on your customized needs and event along with the number of workshops requested. Please feel free to contact Saunders & Associates through email or 713-686-0077 (phone).
Kevin has a 5-minute video that you can view here. A short, written paragraph or two will also be prepared for the person who introduces Kevin.
A contract can be faxed, emailed for your review, or mailed as a hard copy if you decide to make a booking.
Kevin speaks to audiences of virtually any size – from small groups to large audiences of 10,000-15,000 people.
Since he is in a wheelchair, a stage or platform is needed to raise Kevin high enough so the audience can see him. He will also need a ramp, which is close to ADA standards so he can push himself up onstage. Kevin also needs an easel to put pictures on.
Kevin needs a VCR or CD computer disk with projection screen or large TV screen so people in the audience can see the introduction video. A lavaliere (wireless) microphone is also needed because Kevin uses his hands to move his wheelchair as he speaks. A cassette tape or CD music player is also needed.
Depending on the audience, Kevin may have handouts. Kevin does have handouts for workshop groups.
Yes, Kevin sells his motivational autobiography book, comic books (with positive messages), trading cards from racing competitions, and specially designed lapel pins. See the products here.
Yes, if you purchase at least one box of hardcover books (which contains 28 books) or one box of soft cover books (which contains 40 books), you will receive 40% off the cover price.
It works best if at least 3 days prior to Kevin’s appearance the superintendent or principal makes announcements and/or has teachers tell children to bring their money on the day of the presentation for purchasing materials. It is also good to remind them the day before his arrival to bring their money if they would like to purchase a book, comic book, collector card or pin. These procedures help students purchase items and save on shipping & handling charges. Let your students know a sheet with pictures and costs is posted on a bulletin board, and can also be found on Kevin’s website under Shop. Post this information on a bulletin board, or give the information to teachers in different classrooms to show the students. If you request it in your contract, bulletin board with pictures and prices of sales items can be sent in advance.
Half and full-day depending on your needs.
Kevin speaks about Peak Performance, Tragedy to Triumph, Dealing With Change, and Overcoming Frustration.
It depends on the circumstances. This needs to be done in advance. Please present your request in written form including what and how you plan to use the video you will be making. Mail it to Saunders & Associates at 320 Jackson Hill St. #164
Houston, Texas 77007. If your request is approved it will be put into the contract at no additional charge.
Expenses (which may include workbook materials in some cases) always include: Travel expenses to and from the engagement for Kevin and his assistant. By car driving charges are 56 cents a mile. By airplane charges include the cost of plane tickets, hotel room (handicapped accessible), meals, cab fare, subway or rental car, if necessary.
Kevin awards medals or sculptures to persons, schools or companies that have turned tragedy into triumph, overcome adversity to succeed, or met or surpassed goals in the workplace or on the athletic fields. Kevin also makes volunteer stops to children’s hospitals (when requested and set up in advance) in your area. He presents hospitalized children with a poster and gold medal and tells them we all have a champion inside if we never give up!
Kevin strongly prefers:

  • A ramp to the stage or platform so he can push himself up onto the stage.
  • A lavaliere (wireless) microphone, which Kevin can clip to his clothing (or a headset), so he can use his hands during his presentation.
  • An easel to display pictures, etc.
  • A handicapped accessible room if he spends the night.
Once a contract is signed we have a binding agreement. If something happens to prevent the fulfillment of the contract on either party see #10 cancellation policy.
Yes, a percentage of presentations are donated each year to non-profit organizations and groups helping to improve their communities.
Yes, Kevin will happily provide references upon request. Please take a look at the testimonials.