Senate Resolution

Corporate Speaking Tours


By Senator Janis Lee

A RESOLUTION recommending Kevin Saunders for the position of Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

WHEREAS, Kevin Saunders, despite being badly injured and handicapped in a grain elevator
explosion in 1981in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he was thrown over 300 feet through the air onto a concrete parking lot, he has dedicated his life to motivating others and demonstrating the importance of physical fitness; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Saunders is now an actor, author and internationally acclaimed motivational
speaker, and has been named one of the top 100 motivational speakers in the country; and

WHEREAS. Mr. Saunders has won over 700 medals worldwide from 1983 to PRESENT and has given most of them away to children in hospitals and schools while encouraging the young people to Never Give Up on their hopes and dreams.

WHEREAS, Mr. Saunders has amassed a truly impressive list of accolades and achievements, including:

  • Appointed by President H.W. Bush and President Clinton to serve on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS), of which he is a former senior member
  • Commended for his help in the creation of the National Initiative on Physical Fitness for Children and Youth with Disabilities, or the “I Can Do It, You Can Do It” program under President George W. Bush administration
  • Named as the “Greatest All-around Wheelchair Athlete in the World”
  • Worked with the Kansas State University football team, serving as a motivational coach during what was to become known as “The greatest turnaround in college football history”
  • Pushed his wheelchair across America, spanning over 2,500 miles on behalf of President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports and the American Heart Association
  • Pushed his hand cycle through five countries in Europe while serving as an international ambassador for health and fitness; and
  • Won the 2010 Houston Chevron / Aramco half Marathon with over 22,000 participants worldwide.


WHEREAS, Kevin Saunders formed the non-profit corporation Fitness 4 All 50 state tour and plans a 50 state tour to promote education, fitness and making healthier choices for students across America.

WHEREAS, Kevin Saunders wants to take the First lady’s initiative on “Let’s move’ on childhood obesity” and give motivational presentations encouraging fitness to school students in ISD’s of all sizes in all 50 states and get school administrators, teachers, students and communities to join together in support of this initiative to improve fitness in their school. Kevin Saunders with his motivational presentations also wants to encourage students to keep daily accountability journals setting short and long term goals for their education, fitness and making healthier choices

WHEREAS, when asked what he felt was the greatest thing about his success, Mr. Saunders stated, “It’s having the opportunity to share my story with people of all ages and encourage them to reach for higher and greater goals than ever before. The only thing that’s better than winning a gold medal is watching someone that you’ve helped transcend their current limitations and reach for new levels of excellence.” Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas: That we applaud Kevin Saunders for all he has accomplished, and for the inspiration he has provided to everyone around him, and proudly support and recommend him for the position of Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Be it further ordered: That the Secretary of the Senate be directed to provide an enrolled copy of this resolution to Senator Janis Lee and to Kevin Saunders, President Obama and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.