Wheelchair Success Foundation

In 1990, Kevin Saunders founded the Wheelchair Success Foundation (WSF) to help provide college scholarships for wheelchair bound individuals.

About the Foundation

Kevin Saunders established the Wheelchair Success Foundation in 1990. He did so out of a desire to create something that would benefit others, now and in the future. It was because of the way he was raised. While growing up on a farm in Downs, Kansas, Kevin was taught how it’s more important to give than to receive, and to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Following his injury, Kevin embraced the turning point of his life and forged ahead. He realized who he was and where he wanted to go. He learned to develop strategies and set goals to achieve his dreams. He became a world champion wheelchair athlete and top inspirational, motivational speaker, author and actor.

“Thanks to God, I got a second chance in life. God wasn’t finished with me. I got a chance to not only make a positive difference in my own life, but also in the lives of others.”
– Kevin Saunders

But another dream was to establish the WSF, Kevin wanted to help others who are permanently confined to wheelchairs be full participants in the game of life. Kevin wants to encourage and help wheelchair bound individuals receive college degrees or learn technical trades.

As Kevin says, “I know it is sometimes difficult and there are challenges and obstacles. Even people on their feet who have problems for various reasons want to give up. But other people with all kinds of disabilities and challenges have made it and so can you. It’s hard to make the time to go to school and find time to study, but I encourage anyone to go in spite of all of the obstacles because you will better yourself and have fun.”

Through the WSF, Kevin hopes to create a far-reaching ripple effect of positive results for those permanently confined to wheelchairs. He hopes to empower their lives and help them become thrilling contributors, rather than dependents of this great country. He wants to motivate wheelchair-bound individuals to take action, apply for a scholarship and reach their peak performance levels as they earn an advanced education.

Success Stories of recipients of the scholarship from the Wheelchair Success Foundation

The greatest reward anyone can receive is a simple “thank you” from those whom you have touched in one way or another. Kevin’s reward is knowing he is helping people make a better life for themselves – no matter what their disadvantages may be.

Edgar Jimenez, a graduate of Gregory-Portland High, was one of the recipients of the WSF. He graduated with a 106 grade average on a scale of 100. Edgar sets a fine example for people who are wheelchair bound and who are trying to go forward in life.

Christina Ruiz sent a personal card for her very generous scholarship and stated she felt blessed to have received the “Wheelchair Success Scholarship” which is uniquely meaningful and special to her. She thanked Kevin for the hope of a successful future for all persons. She was the 2012 recipient of the award.

A Letter from Kevin

Education was, and continues to be, a major force in my life. Education is so important to me, because it is the foundation for all my accomplishments. Going to college has shown me what courage, perseverance and determination really meant. In all my endeavors I continue to use the self-confidence gained from excelling in school. It is my desire to help all people excel in their life endeavors. I want to help other wheelchair bound individuals gain from education through the Wheelchair Success Foundation.

Donations from great people like you will help the WSF grow and help more wheelchair-bound individuals gain the education they deserve. You will help them to prosper and be thrilling contributors to our society. So whether you’re visiting this site to donate or to apply for a scholarship, thank you for visiting.

Please help the foundation grow with an online donation. Or see if we have a college scholarship that can help make a difference and create a more promising future. Don’t let the fate that has left you or a loved one confined to a wheelchair hold you back from achieving your dreams.”

Best Wishes! For your continued education and success,
Kevin Saunders Signature
Kevin Saunders, Founder
Wheelchair Success Foundation