Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker

With more than 5,000 speeches under his belt – including more than 1,000 to schools – Kevin Saunders is perhaps one of the most well-traveled professional speakers working today. Kevin speaks on topics including Peak Performance and Health & Fitness, as well as Workplace Safety. From small groups of a couple dozen students, to stadiums filled with more than fifteen thousand executives, he’s worked with almost every kind of audience across several continents and countless industries. But as impressive as those numbers are, they’re only a small part of his professional background.

Here are just a few of his achievements:

Three-time Paralympics Athlete and Champion

USA Olympic Team & PCPFS Seals

Kevin has excelled on the world’s greatest stage, representing Team USA in Olympic stadiums and World Championship venues in a wide range of athletic disciplines, most notably the Pentathlon.

Two-Time Member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports

In 1992, Kevin Saunders was named to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness as the first-ever member with a disability. Kevin would be the only member called upon and appointed at the White House by Presidents Bush and Clinton. He served through 2000.

A Health & Fitness Icon

As part of his crusade to raise awareness of healthy eating and nutrition topics, Kevin pushed his wheelchair across North America and Europe as an Ambassador of Fitness.

Extreme Motivator

For over a decade, Kevin worked alongside Coach Bill Snyder, head football coach at Kansas State University, to assist in “the greatest turnaround in college sports history.” In recognition of Kevin’s contributions, Coach Snyder created the “Never Give Up” Award which is presented to a football player that has demonstrated the greatest courage, perseverance and determination in the pursuit of the team’s goals.

Feature Film Actor

Kevin was cast along with star Tom Cruise in director Oliver Stone’s critically-acclaimed 1989 film, “Born on the Fourth of July.”

Television Commercial Actor

Kevin has been featured in over 50 TV commercials promoting fitness, education and wellness.

Accomplished Author and Media Personality

Kevin has penned several books, including the first comic book to feature a wheelchair hero. The attention surrounding his accomplishments has made him into a favorite of newspapers, magazines, radio and televisions shows everywhere. He’s been featured on ESPN, USA Today and thousands of local and regional outlets for his high-profile achievements, both on the field and off.
Throughout all he’s accomplished so far, though, Kevin’s greatest achievement has been passing on his fire and passion to audiences around the world. “Never Give Up” isn’t just his saying – it’s his mission.

Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I cannot say enough about how much I appreciated and enjoyed having Kevin Saunders speak to our group, the Texas Association of Community College Marketers, earlier this summer.

Kevin tells his story with a remarkable mixture of gravity, reflection, and even humor. Our entire audience was complete wrapped up in hearing him tell it – the accident, his initial recovery, the enormous hurdles he had to surmount in everyday life and then as he re-launched his athletic career as a para-Olympian. Now this experience would seem pretty remote from most of us who are not world-class athletes. But Kevin made this into an experience that we could understand and to which we could relate. While his story is necessarily unique, he in very sensitive to the many forms of adversity that he shares with people from all walks of life. We have all thought of "giving up" on a particularly daunting challenge. Kevin gives you a new perspective on how to persevere when it becomes particularly difficult.

We were also mightily impressed with the way in which Kevin took the time to learn about our organization--the work we do and challenges we face as community college marketers – and then incorporate what he had learned into his presentation. It certainly helps that he personally is such a great ambassador for community colleges, having completed at one himself. But I had the sense that Kevin would have thrown himself into learning about any organization before which he would be speaking. I can't imagine him being any way.

It was also wonderful to have Kevin sign copies of his book – which is a remarkable and lively read! – and personalize it for us and family members. My eight-year-old son really loved having the booked signed to him and hearing me relate Kevin's story to him. It is such a powerful example for the coming generation(s).

I would have Kevin present before our group again based on my experience in Galveston. I sincerely feel lucky to have crossed paths with him and been able to spend time hearing his story.


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