Motivational Speaking for Business Performance

Do you want to unlock the true potential of every one of your team members?

“Never Give Up!” – Kevin’s moving story and the powerful principles that he shares with audiences are inspiring and transformational.

From Rock-bottom Low to Soaring Success

It’s one thing to talk about business challenges and the keys to success, but few people know what it’s like to find out just how low you can go – or the depths from which you can climb through sheer determination and the knowledge that “there’s always a way”. That’s why Paralympic wheelchair athlete and motivational speaker Kevin Saunders – a man who teetered on the edge of life and death, then went on to find victory in Olympic stadiums and in life – is so popular with business audiences.

His keynotes aren’t just entertaining and inspiring; they’re real. From the depths of injury and depression, to his fantastic career as a Paralympian, wheelchair athlete, actor, author, business owner and motivational speaker, Kevin has thrived by one simple rule: Never Give Up! He also learned how to systematically beat every challenge that came his way, which provided him with a blueprint for success in every area of life.

Audiences are awestruck and empowered by his emotional storytelling and unique ability to translate success principles into daily habits. Kevin delivers a message of hope, determination and the courage to pursue ambitious goals.

Kevin believes that the ultimate responsibility for success rests within every individual, and the best way to reach your organization’s goals is to quickly unlock that human potential. His story provides first-hand experience of the principles of continuous improvement, teamwork, visualization and achievement, and he skillfully presents these techniques in a way that audiences are excited to take action on.

Lessons from the Oval Office and Olympic Stadiums

Achieving peak performance within your organization relies on developing a culture of excellence. No one understands this better than Kevin Saunders, who not only rose to the highest level of international athletic competition… he also became the first person with a disability and Paralympian to be appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, by President George H. W. Bush. Four years later, Kevin became the only person re-appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports by President Bill Clinton. Kevin will teach your team the lessons of success he leaned from working with these US Presidents and alongside Chairman and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kevin Saunders also shares insights in what he learned while working with Head Football Coach Bill Snyder at Kansas State University, and the foundations that were used to create what was later referred as “the greatest turnaround in college football history and maybe all of sports.” Kevin believes nothing translates better to real life and the business or corporate world than sports, because you’re given nothing for free and you have to strategize and face oncoming challenges to earn everything you achieve.

Through his highly-acclaimed keynote motivational presentations, Kevin shows audiences how they can come out on top by attacking these challenges head on and then refusing to give in when faced with adversity.

Your team deserves the best

If you think your group could benefit from hearing motivational coach and inspirational speaker Kevin Saunders, just as thousands of others have, you’re in for a pleasant surprise – his presentations aren’t just good for morale, they’re also good for your bottom line. Kevin enjoys speaking to new companies and sharing his message of inspiration and determination, building custom programs to deliver greater results and value.

Today’s companies are facing tough economies, bigger workloads, and intense competitions. Your corporate, school or hospital audience doesn’t just need new skills; they need a new mindset and the motivation to improve every day. Contact Kevin Saunders today to find out how he can inspire them to greatness.