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Corporate Speaking Tours

Kevin has done many corporate tours for Fortune 100 and 500 companies to encourage and motivate employees by sharing his story of going from “tragedy to triumph.” In doing so he has helped them achieve unlimited levels of success and be more productive than ever before. Kevin will inspire your corporate employees to work towards greater heights, break barriers, transcend limitations, and enhance that bottom line. They will learn to be more successful and positive in their business relations and their personal life as well.

“Right now as a company we must ask ourselves, how do we increase our market penetration in a national recession? How can we reduce OBL when newspapers have targeted our customers as a revenue source? Kevin Saunders made it clear to our sales team that innovation is needed at every level of our business to meet today’s challenges. Kevin expressed that goals are never reached by worrying about the uncontrollable variable, but instead by focusing on the one controllable factor – yourself. It’s up to you to make it happen, whatever the goal it’s up to you if it is to be.”
Dennis Payne, SBC AT&T Yellow Pages

Dennis Payne, CEO,
Southwestern Bell

Kevin has also found great success visiting local schools and children’s hospitals as an integral part of promoting the sponsoring corporation’s commitment to the local community. With high media visibility, Kevin’s corporate-sponsored presentations are always a rousing success for the sponsor and a treat for his audience. “My goal,” says Kevin, “is to inspire all ages through my own experience and to stress the importance of education for all children. After all, staying in school is the first step toward living your dreams.” Kevin Saunders will also visit local children’s hospitals on behalf of the corporate sponsor, encouraging kids to Never Give Up! and never quit believing “There’s Always a Way.”

From the depths of injury and depression, to his fantastic career as a Paralympian, wheelchair athlete, actor, author, and motivational speaker, Kevin has abided by one simple rule: Never Give Up!, and while you might not be training for Olympic athletic competitions or trying to land a role in a feature film, your problems are just as real – and just as beatable. Everyone has issues; everybody has fear. But no matter what struggle keeps you up at night, the solution is in how you see it. Paralympic world champion wheelchair athlete Kevin Saunders says: “Pain builds courage! You can’t be strong, brave and a winner if only good things happen to you. You have to go through the tough times and face obstacles to find out what you’re really capable of.”

It’s important to set goals, make a plan, and strategize on how to reach them. To illustrate this, Kevin shares his personal story of tragedy to triumph as a wheelchair athlete and how he became the first person with a disability appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. Kevin was appointed by President George H.W. Bush, and was the only person re-appointed to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports by President Bill Clinton. Kevin will teach your team the lessons of success he learned from working with Presidents and alongside former Council Chairman and Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kevin Saunders also shares insights he learned while working with Head Coach Bill Snyder of the Kansas State University Football program and the winning principles that were used to create what was later referred as “the greatest turnaround in college football history – and maybe all of sports.” Kevin believes nothing translates better to real life and the business or corporate world than sports, because you’re given nothing for free and you have to struggle and fight to earn everything you achieve.

Kevin has quantifiable, easy to understand methods your employees will learn to achieve success and be more productive. Audience members learn effective techniques for implementing and learning from small, everyday improvements. They also learn how to support each other, working towards a common goal that builds on personal success to drive corporate success.

Through his highly-acclaimed keynote motivational and inspirational presentations, Kevin shows audiences how they can come out on top by attacking their challenges head on, and then refusing to give in when faced with adversity. No stranger to adversity himself, he transports audiences through the ups and downs of his life, showing people of all ages that it is indeed possible to achieve the most amazing goals, regardless of one’s current situation.

If you think your group could benefit from hearing motivational coach and inspirational speaker Kevin Saunders, just as thousands of others have, you’re in for a pleasant surprise – his presentations aren’t just good for morale, they’re also easy on the bottom line. Kevin delivers tremendous value through his powerful message of inspiration and determination, a message he enjoys sharing with new companies.

“Kevin Saunders’ commitment to health & wellness is exemplary. Kevin is self-driven, determined, focused, and extremely courageous. He has tremendous inner strength, which helped him successfully challenge his own disability and become a Champion of diversity.

He is an inspiration to everyone he meets. As an inspirational, motivational speaker, he is one of the best.


Michael Jagadich,
State Farm Insurance Co.
Lincoln, NE
Today’s companies are facing tough economies, bigger workloads, and intense competitions. Your corporate, school or hospital audience doesn’t just need new skills; they need a new mindset and the motivation to improve every day. Contact Kevin Saunders today to find out how he can inspire them to greatness.