Inspiring Non-Profits in Their Causes

Ignite the Passion for Giving

Non-profit organizations face so many challenges in their daily operations that it’s easy for the people within them to lose sight of their big dreams. That’s a recipe for diminishing returns, frustration and burnout.

Where can meeting planners turn to find a motivational speaker to re-energize their audience? Look no further than Kevin Saunders. The courage, determination and persistence it took for him to get his life back after a grain dust explosion hurled him over the length of a football field, leaving his body broken and paralyzed from the chest down has given Kevin an insight into perseverance people want and need to hear. He can give your audience the motivational boost they need. As a motivational coach and inspirational speaker he can share with your audience the tools necessary in overcoming adversity, visualizing a successful outcome, and making it happen.

Best of all, Kevin Saunders realizes that a non-profit reflects a labor of love, so he offers competitive rates and flexibility. There are many organizations near and dear to his heart, some of which have made a direct impact on his life, so being engaged as a motivational speaker allows him a chance to share his success with others in a position to take advantage of his insights, so that they can do the same for their constituents, clients and citizens.

Kevin Saunders is widely regarded as one of the most powerful motivational speakers alive today. Faced with severe paralysis, he overcame constant physical pain, overwhelming depression and self-doubt to become a World Champion athlete, author and inspiration to millions around the world – helping them to “Never Give Up!” in pursuit of their goals.

Are you ready to “Go for the Gold?”