Safety in the Workplace

“Nobody has to remind me how easy it is to have an accident in the workplace. One minute I was walking along, doing my job – the next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed.”

Kevin Saunders, Safety Speaker

Nobody has to remind Kevin Saunders about how easy it is to have an accident in the workplace – or the tragic effects it can have on everybody involved! Kevin will share his near death experience, where he wasn’t expected to live, and how he fought back fueled by his “Never Give Up!” attitude! He will take you on a roller coaster ride and share how he literally went through the roof, through the air 300 feet and landed hard onto a concrete parking lot.

Safety Speaker, Kevin Saunders

He’ll never forget the moment when, as a young man in his early 20s, the grain elevator he was working inside exploded. In those precious mili- seconds, when his worst fears were realized, he lost not only ten coworkers, but his freedom, his future, and the use of much of his body. He woke up in the hospital to find out he was completely paralyzed from the chest down, confined to a wheelchair for life.

While Kevin has rebounded from that dark day to accomplish unimaginable feats, like becoming a World Paralympic Champion & wheelchair athlete he helps others see the importance of making safety job one on the work site. By becoming a world champion wheelchair athlete and in-demand motivational and safety speaker Kevin hopes to contribute to a world in which he strives to use his workplace safety strategies to help ensure that no one else will have to endure the pain and suffering that he did. Kevin continues to overcome adversity and severe pain on a daily basis.

“Kevin Saunders’ hit the Safety points that our company wanted to emphasize right on spot! People are still talking about your exciting presentation and the positive impact you made for our Annual Safety Convention this past May. Thanks for helping remind us that when it comes to safety in the workplace “There’s Always a Way” when you Never Give Up!”

Donnell Hancock – Safety Manager and head of Annual Safety Convention for Entergy Fossil Corporation Newark, AR

An Advocate for Safety

As a safety speaker, Kevin Saunders’ story resonates like no other as it was an on the job accident that caused Kevin so much pain and changed his life forever. And so, in Kevin’s popular presentation on safety, he outlines a number of strategies and mindsets that can help men and women – in any industry – keep safe on a day-to-day basis, regardless the job.

More than just a collection of tips about awareness and work environment issues, Kevin’s safety presentation hits in the two areas that matter most – mindset and execution. In order to help them create and sustain a safe work environment, Kevin explains how to possess a winning spirit in the work place – be active team players, have credibility, focus on customer service and above all act with integrity. Kevin also teaches to keep safety first by eliminating those too-often used safety shortcuts.

Through his presentation your team will learn to create and sustain a vision for goal attainment – with constantly and never-ending improvement. They will learn to aggressively look for better ways to perform every day while keeping safety #1 and have respect for others – regardless of diversity, ethnicity or position. Being safety conscious as Kevin puts it; means staying constantly aware, practicing mindfulness and taking positive action every day to achieve results.

Safety Mindset in Action

Kevin also relates how in working hard to become the “World’s Greatest Wheelchair Athlete“, he has had to constantly observe safety measures. First and foremost, to make sure he had his racing wheelchair and equipment as safe and secure as possible, in order to handle the extraordinary speeds (up to 70 mph!), diverse weather conditions, and sometimes unsafe and changing road conditions.

Kevin also worked closely with Head Coach Bill Snyder and Kansas State football as a motivational coach in what was later referred to as the “Greatest Turnaround in College Football History and maybe all of Sports.” This relationship taught him many core principles that can be used and applied by the entire corporate safety program to give your company that added edge, every day on the job.

By getting participants to think differently about safety in their workplace, Kevin is able to show them how to make consistently better decisions…decisions that keep them and others from harm. He understands that for safety programs to work, they need to have an impact that lasts long after the speech has ended. That’s why Kevin has developed tools that can be used in the workplace to serve as a daily reminder for your team to constantly enter every job with a mindset focused on safety and quality.

Kevin Saunders’ life is an example of how one person can use their faith, will, and determination to overcome almost any obstacle they may encounter in life. But it’s also a cautionary tale about what can happen when safety issues are ignored. Book Kevin today and you won’t just find out how to get through an accident – you’ll learn real-world tools for preventing job accidents in the workplace from even happening.

“Kevin Saunders spoke at our company’s Safety Day & I have to say that he captivated everyone with his remarkable story of “The Champion Within.” Thank you for sharing with us the 16 goals for success to keep our company focused on safety 1st every day! Thank you for reminding us that when it comes to safety in the workplace & in our personal lives that with hard work, team work, communication & personal accountability we can stay in a safe environment! Everyone loved Kevin and his sense of humor! The world needs more people like him! I strongly recommend Kevin as a Safety/Motivational Speaker for your event.”

Linda Kirschner, Chairperson, Killen Safety Council

Today’s companies are facing tough economies, bigger workloads, and intense competition. Your corporate, school or hospital audience doesn’t just need new skills; they need a new mindset and the motivation to improve every day. Contact Kevin Saunders today to find out how he can inspire them to greatness.