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Here is Tina Chandler’s story. I know you will find it uplifting and inspiring. It explains why she is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches working today.

Nutritional 911

 Our eating habits need help. Fast food, high-calorie desserts, sweetened drinks, and the wide range of processed foods on the market have filled us up – and filled us out. The numbers are staggering… in the United States, most adults are overweight or obese, as are 1 in every 3 children. As our

If you want to achieve great things, not only is it necessary to commit yourself to the discipline and hard work required to get there but you also need to surround yourself with people whose standards are just as high.

All my athletic life, that’s been clear to me. I’ve always prepared for success and tested myself against the very best training partners and competitors, and that’s made it possible for me to overcome every personal challenge to rise to the top of elite athletic competition…