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As we roll toward the end of August, the summer may be coming to an end, but a lot of other things are starting up. Right now families and students are in Back to School mode, either already in classes or about to begin. And there are a LOT of them.

Here is Tina Chandler’s story. I know you will find it uplifting and inspiring. It explains why she is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches working today.

In my recent post Win the Battle of the Bulge this Summer, I covered the fundamentals of nutrition, with some actionable guidelines that can help anyone get into better shape through better dietary decisions. In this post, I focus on stretching, cardiovascular and strength training and outline a proven workout plan for building strength and

Want to get a group of your best friends into a Spartan Race? Your entry can be FREE! Read on… Once again, I have a CHALLENGE just for YOU! I love sports and athletics. Sure, they are fun and that is a huge part of why they are so popular – not just for professional athletes

Commit to Staying Healthy Staying healthy requires that you commit to eating healthy and working out on a consistent basis, using strength and cardio conditioning. I recommend that you keep a log book, which you use to record your workouts and even rate them on a scale from 1-10. Rate how you felt before your

How many of you are still focused on the New Year’s goals you set for yourselves in 2015? Are you still excited about making those incremental improvements to reach personal and business goals and even surpass them? Remember, your job – whatever it may be – is business. In order to run a business you

You can win a free entry to any US Spartan Race! Read on… This week I have a Challenge for YOU! As you know, I am a huge believer in the power of being active and participating in sports and athletics. But it’s not just for the thrill of competition. Since my youth, I’ve always

USA Health and Fitness Tour – Everyone can take some of that time they  squander as Benjamin said and get a great cardio workout, strength workout, yoga workout, boxing workout, medicine ball workout and many more to choose from! Do something for a workout that you love and enjoy and change it up every couple weeks, Eat