Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerDenny Payne, President and CEO
Southwestern Bell Directory Operations
Fortune 100
The positive impact Kevin Saunders made on our employees is still talked about. They are focusing on opportunities, not life's frustrations.
Denny Payne's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Our United Way solicitation campaign came on the heels of very difficult economic times for our industry, and we were quite skeptical as to whether we would be able to achieve the high goals that we had set for ourselves. Thanks to the inspiration that we received from Kevin, we not only met our goal, but we exceeded it by more than five percent. This goes to show, as Kevin puts it that, "There's Always A Way".
Richard Martinez's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerK. Ray Bailey, President, 
Asheville Technical Community College, 
Asheville, NC
Kevin Saunders has become a living testament to overcoming adversity and the value of physical fitness. He is an inspiration to us all. We in community colleges are especially proud of Kevin for his selection to the American Association of Community Colleges class 2000 Outstanding Alumni.
Kay Bailey's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerArnold Schwarzenegger
You have inspired me with your positive attitude and determination. You continue to raise the bar for everyone, to show people of all ages that you can turn dreams into reality. Thank you for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerPresident George H. W. Bush
Kevin Saunders has become through the sheer force of his will the world's greatest wheelchair athlete and an eloquent spokesperson who motivates others to reach new levels of excellence and achievement. You will find his story inspiring and uplifting.
President George H.W. Bush, signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerPresident Bill Clinton
Thank you for your many years of passion, enthusiasm and hard work on the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. Through your speeches, presentations, and by your very example, you have showed our nation's youth that they can overcome whatever challenges or obstacles they may face while also educating them on the importance of fitness and proper nutrition for creating a better quality of life.

Bill Clinton sig
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerBob Richards, Two-Time Olympic Pole Vault Gold Medalist
One of the most heroic and valiant endeavors in sports I have ever seen is the effort and struggle of Kevin Saunders. I am inspired by his message of "There's Always A Way." He is not a dependent in this world but a thrilling contributor to this world.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerSenator Bob Dole of Kansas
Kevin is an inspiring young man who has beaten all the odds to become one of the premier athletes in the world. He is truly a remarkable person and is a sensational role model for America's youth.
Senator Bob Dole's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I have known Kevin Saunders for many years and can attest to his courage and determination. I was a member of the Corpus Christi Delegation of the Texas House of Representatives in 1981 when a grain elevator exploded throwing Kevin 300 feet and causing him tremendous injuries. He not only survived, but became a World Champion athlete. It's my honor to represent him in Congress.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerOliver Stone, 
Academy Award Winning Film Director
Kevin Saunders was an inspiration to us all on the set. He seemed to be a man without limits, a man who gets out there and goes for the gold every time. He is the incarnation of the "Just Do It" principal. Additionally, he is a man of great compassion and empathy for the suffering of others, and as such, transcends the athlete syndrome to become a man of the world and a man of conscience.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerAnthony Robbins,
Author of
Kevin Saunders can touch any audience. He's got a story no one will ever forget, and it's a true story. A story of going from unbelievable tragedy to the heights of success that most people never dream of, and he does it all with incredible amounts of courage and determination.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerKenneth Cooper M.D.,
Founder of the Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas – Known as
Kevin Saunders, is one of the world's most amazing athletes. Keep up the good work! You set the example for all of us and I consider it a privilege to call you my friend.
Kenneth Cooper M.D.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerAl Oerter,
Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Discus: 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968
I am pleased to know Kevin, he has become an inspiration to me and millions of others who battle and struggle to have the quality life they deserve. Kevin provides a positive path for many to overcome life's adversities.

Al Oerter signature - Olympic Discus Champion
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I have known Kevin Saunders and his courage for many years after his unfortunate accident. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports as we were both members. Kevin is certainly an outstanding individual and is a great inspiration to all Americans.
Donald Cooper Signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerOprah Winfrey
If everyone had 2% of your motivation the world would be a better place!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerSammy Lee M.D., 
First Asian American to win Olympic Gold in 1948, 1952
Kevin Saunders continued commitment to excellence as a winning world-class wheelchair athlete is second to none. Kevin continues to astound not only me, but those who work with him. Kevin is a role model for all those committed to being the best they can be.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerLisa Henning, 
Executive Director, Workwell, Inc.
Kevin Saunders commitment to health cannot be understated. While in Lincoln, Nebraska as Keynote Speaker for our Well City designation, Mr. Saunders inspired and motivated our entire city towards healthier lifestyles. In addition to providing a keynote address, Kevin visited several middle schools at his own time and expense to share his message of health and well-being.
Lisa Henning's signatureworkwell-logo
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Thank you for taking part in the recent TAHPERD annual convention. The gratitude and humility displayed in your invocation to open the third general session was most touching and inspiring. We appreciate your making time in your busy schedule to share yourself and your talent with us. Your presence was truly appreciated by all who heard you. The number of people who spoke with you following the session was only a token number of those who spoke to the steering committee about your contribution to the convention.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin was our guest speaker to welcome our students to campus. Kevin is an outstanding individual that is a great example of "There's Always A Way, if you "Never Give Up!" I would recommend Kevin without any hesitation to speak to your business or school. He is a miracle that has happened.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerDavid R. Pierce, 
President, American Association of Community Colleges
Kevin Saunders in multiple ways is a symbol of our students, with his indomitable will, his international achievement, and his continuing, positive influence on young and old alike. Kevin has turned adversity into challenge, setbacks into achievement, and innate ability into excellence. But he has taken his crusade one important step further: He has used his own experience and self-awareness to help the most vulnerable among us to dare to dream again.
David R. Pierce's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRobert S. Krause, 
Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kansas State University
In 1995, Kevin received the "Distinguished Alumni of the Year" from Kansas State University for both his athletic accomplishments, as well as, his contributions to the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. He is an excellent role model for people from all walks of life as he truly exhibits an attitude of "anything is possible if you believe in yourself.
Robert Krause signatureK State logo
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Saunders has distinguished himself and the nation as an award winning athlete on the field of athletic competition and off the field of life itself. Prior to his accident, Kevin was a star performer on the Pratt Community College football team. After his accident he overcame insurmountable odds to become the best all around wheelchair athlete in the world. He has been honored as "Alumni of the Year" at our college and at Kansas State University. Kevin has made the greatest impact on our students than any other motivational speakers we have ever had.
Wojciechowski's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin is a great example of perseverance and effort of what hard work can overcome. Fitness and education helped Kevin Saunders to become a World Champion and gold medalist many times over. However, with great perseverance and basic American values, Kevin has become an example to not only the disabled community, but to Americans far and wide of what education, effort, and commitment can accomplish.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerTerry L. Dicianna, Ph.D.
President Del Mar College
When the Berlin Wall crumbled to dust, you were there thinking about your friends at Del Mar Colleger. When the Barcelona Olympic Games were staged, you were there and dozens of your Del Mar College friends and colleagues watched for your events. When Del Mar wanted a spokesperson that represents tenacity, energy and a love for learning, you were there. It was a grand pleasure to be with you as you were recognized as an Outstanding Alumni for Del Mar College to the American Association of Community Colleges. I enjoyed meeting Sen. Bob Dole and other dignitaries who also consider you a special friend. Please express our appreciation to your lovely wife Dora for traveling back to Corpus Christi to take part in the Former Students Association Wall of Honor Gala. Your name will join those of other distinguished alumni in the Harvin Center on the East Campus. Del Mar College recognizes the legacy you and other former students have built. Alumni make up the fabric of our community, and serve as ambassadors of our educational endeavors throughout the world. Thank you for keeping Del Mar College in your thoughts.
Terry L. Dicianna
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders spoke to our students for K-State Healthy Decisions' Wild Wellness Week and K-State for All Disability Awareness Week. He was an inspirational, dynamic, and entertaining speaker. It was wonderful that Kevin was able to tailor his presentation to our needs and wants for our program by not only sharing his story, but also discussing the importance of being well-rounded as individuals and persisting through challenges to become the best we can be. Kevin is a proof that you can overcome adversity by Never Giving Up!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerClaudia Jackson,
Event Coordinator Del Mar College
We just received the evaluations from all the speakers at the Insight program and you were a big hit! In fact, your speech received the highest score of all 35 speakers. You even outscored the Congressman, Senators and Mayor Emeritus, but don't tell them! Keep going for the gold in all that you do and like you say, "There's Always a Way."
Claudia Jackson's signatureDel Mar Collage logo
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
We don't have many heroes today. Kevin Saunders is a hero
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin, after Roy Clark finished playing his fiddle, you kept our audience of over 10,000 on the edge of their seats with your "Never Give Up Because, There's Always A Way" presentation. The long lines of people waiting to buy your book or just to shake your hand and get a picture are a great testament to your ability to inspire, motivate and lead people to action.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerWilliam McBain Kizer, 
CEO Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha
Saunders has one of the most interesting and heartening stories ever heard. Today, health promotion, fitness, wellness and disease prevention are more and more a part of our national agenda. By practicing fitness disciplines and despite the odds, Kevin persevered and rebuilt his broken body. Kevin has become a source of encouragement to young and old alike across America.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders commitment to health & wellness is exemplary. Kevin is self-driven, determined, focused, and extremely courageous. He has tremendous inner strength, which helped him successfully challenge his own disability and become a Champion of diversity. He is an inspiration to everyone he meets. As an inspirational, motivational speaker, he is one of the best.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I was so overwhelmed by Kevin's positive personality and his motivation to achieve greatness that I was truly a different person when he left. His enthusiasm for life became an inspiration that I have with Kevin. I realized anything is possible with the right attitude. With all the negativity in the world today, I truly believe that Kevin can make a difference by setting a standard of being the best you can be, that "There's Always A Way" if you Never Give Up!"
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMike Brungardt, 
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, San Antonio Spurs
I greatly respect Kevin Saunders' commitment to improving the health and well-being of our youth in addition to the character he has displayed in not giving in to his unfortunate handicap.
Mike Brungard's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerTom Osborne, 
 Legendary Head Coach, Football University of Nebraska, Untied States Congressman, Nebraska, Current Athletic Director at the University of Nebraska to present.
I am very impressed with Kevin Saunders commitment to excellence and his world class accomplishments as a disabled athlete. He is an excellent speaker and has the ability to reach the student body at any university or inspire student athletes with key strategies that will help them to bring out the very best within them and even inspire them to reach higher goals & achievement they may have never dreamed possible. Kevin can help your group, team or sales team understand how to break barriers and transcend limitations and obstacles that stand in their way of being a successful student on and off the field of competition or a champion in work and in life.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerBill Snyder, 
Head Football Coach, Kansas State University, Orchestrated the biggest turnaround in college football history
Kevin's accomplishments as a Paralympics performer are outstanding, but coupled with the adversity he has overcome and the courage he has displayed in rising above is indeed remarkable. We have recognized that here in our Football Program with an annual "Kevin Saunders Never Give Up Award" at the conclusion of each season. He is not only a remarkable wheelchair athlete, but a very positive and dedicated motivational coach that helps bring out the best in our athletes here at Kansas State."
Bill Snyder's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerBob Stoops, 
Head Football Coach, University of Oklahoma Sooners, National Champions
Kevin has given our team many motivational speeches throughout the years that have had a great impact on our players. He is moving and sincere and has a great message that motivates others to achieve. Kevin's leadership and achievements through the years demonstrate his mental and physical talents. Overcoming disability and continuing to be a strong athlete sends a powerful message to follow.
Bob Stoop's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders has been to Kansas State University numerous times to speak to our Rodeo team. He has been an inspiration to us and enabled us to bring out the champion within.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRudy Ruettiger, 
Inspiration behind the TRI Pictures movie,
Kevin Saunders' will and persistence is not only a tribute to his accomplishments as an athlete, but to the integrity of the man and the triumph of the human spirit. Kevin's accomplishments as a Paralympics athlete demonstrate the courage and heart of a true champion who has overcome the odds. He has had an impact on millions of lives...not only inspiring them to rise above their own limitations, but to remember that it is the heart of the man that make the champion." As Kevin says, "There's Always A Way."
Rudy's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerBarbara Rocha, 
Top Speech Coach, Author of
Kevin Saunders' dedication to physical fitness and sports in the face of incredible odd puts him in a position to reach a broader audience and have even a great impact that reinforces the message of the importance of fitness to our nation. Kevin has the background, the credentials, and the personality to give that encouragement and get results.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJim Leavitt,
Head Football Coach University of South Florida
Kevin Saunders spoke to our football team here at the University of South Florida on June 24, 2009. Anyone who wants a speaker who has awesome stories with an incredible message that will provide the keys to success and how they can be applied to be the best at what you do, then you need to hire Kevin Saunders! He will get the job done right for your professional or college program, school, university or company.
Coach Jim Leavitt's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMack Brown,
Head Football Coach, University of Texas, National Champions
Kevin Saunders, has the determination, positive attitude, never say quit attitude and attributes we should all aspire to! He would be especially beneficial to our nation's youth and companies, countless others who may need that extra motivation and inspiration to accomplish great goals!
Mack Brown's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
If you're not familiar with the name "Kevin Saunders" chances are you may not be familiar with one of America's greatest stories. He keeps company with presidents, he hangs with action heroes: he's even created a few in his time. Best of all, he's become a living example of what it is to overcome the worst odds and end the one inspired to inspire others to 'Never Give Up' because, 'There's Always A Way.'
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerNick Jimenez, 
Corpus Christi Caller Times
We wish to congratulate Kevin Saunders on being named the recipient of the Certificate of Excellence for his volunteer work. It is your kind of volunteer contribution which adds so much to the South Texas community.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerGene Polionski, 
Managing Editor/Sports, USA Today
Kevin Saunders, thank you so much for taking time to be part of Kids for Sports Hotline. We have found from experience that anything to do with children elicits great response from our readers.

Thanks for being a great inspiration to our youth everywhere.
Gene Polionski's signatureUSA Today logo
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMike Carlson, 
Prime Health & Fitness Magazine
America likes to find her tough guys in public places, one of those people is, Kevin 'four-wheel drive' Saunders, "There's Always A Way." Few people outside the industry realize how combustible grain dust can be. Kevin Saunders was blown over a two-story building and onto a concrete parking lot, 10 coworkers were dead and the paramedics said the parking lot looked like a battleground. Kevin Saunders fought back and earned the title, "Best All-Around Wheelchair Athlete in the World." With one look at the life of Kevin Saunders, it's obvious why he chose the motto (and autobiography title) "There's Always A Way".
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerBeth Hartenstein Tolentino, 
Kansas Stater Magazine
When Kevin Saunders was thrown 300 feet onto a concrete parking lot in the worst grain explosion in South Texas history, he and everyone else-thought his life was over. It wasn't. Today, Saunders is a world class athlete, author, and one of the best inspirational and motivational speakers in the country.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJoe B. Tye, 
Author of
Kevin Saunders is a genuine American hero, who is role model of the Never Fear, Never Quit philosophy of courage and perseverance.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin's visit to our school went far beyond the usual speak and leave. Following his formal presentations to the High School, Middle School, Elementary School and sports teams, Kevin spent the rest of the day with the students. I can confirm his message "Never Give Up" was profoundly motivating and encouraging. He was with our basketball teams on the sidelines during an important league contest that evening. In this way, Kevin became an inspiration not just to our students, but to our community. I have never heard so many positive comments on a speaker in my seventeen years as a principal at Chapman High. For any school looking for that uplifting motivating speaker, Kevin Saunders is the right choice. We hope to continue our relationship with Kevin in the future.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Everyone in the country needs to hear the story of Kevin's first wheelchair race! An immediate connection with our student body was made. His performance also held some surprises, laughs and a touch of magic. Then on a more serious and mature level Kevin talked to our students about setting goals and how to achieve them. I believe Kevin Saunders was a hit on our campus because he was very interesting, unpretentious, and sincere. Whatever obstacles a person may think they have, Kevin will challenge them to Never Give Up and better themselves!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I want to express my sincere appreciation for Kevin Saunders inspiring keynote address at the Houston Independent School District parents, teachers, and administrators. The tone which was set by your address exemplified the attitude we would like the students to adapt.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin, thank you so much for such an inspirational program. Your story of triumph over adversity is most compelling and faith strengthening. I truly believe that your life experience is a profile in courage, not just endeavoring the trials before us, but using them to build our character and to temper our integrity. You, Sir, have set a beautiful example, one we would all do well to emulate.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Perry Schools had the privilege of having Kevin Saunders speak to its student body. Kevin gave a moving testimony of his near death accident, his recovery, and his dedication and spirit that allowed him to overcome adversity and become a champion athlete. His words of advice and inspiration were well received and much appreciated. Kevin serves as a positive role model for people of all ages.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
As an educator, I am made aware on a daily basis of the great need and importance of physical fitness and education. Kevin uses his energy and excitement to spread his message to adults and children all across our nation. Kevin is the epitome of an over comer. Kevin's message is one who can make a positive difference in your business, organization, community or life.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I have known Kevin Saunders for over thirty years as a student athlete, co-worker, friend, teacher, and as his coach. Kevin is not only an inspiration for young people in our small community, but for our youth throughout the United States.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Thank you so much for arranging for Kevin Saunders, World Champion wheelchair athlete, to come and visit our patients at the Texas Children's Hospital. What a delightful surprise it was for them to meet him. I know they will treasure the gold medals he gave them and left them with the message that, "There is a champion inside each and everyone one of us and with hard work and dedication & Never Giving Up, we can bring that champion out".
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Your attendance on Live National Television supporting the National Easter Seals Convention shows your support of the Easter Seals mission, to promote independence for individuals with disabilities. As a spokesperson for the Easter Seals Telethon, we want to extend are heartfelt thanks for your service to make America a better place for us all.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
In my association with Kevin Saunders, he has demonstrated leadership/mentorship to the youth of this country. By soldering the ideals of personal strength, mentally, physically, and spiritually, has overcome daily adversity, and represented our country on the field of competition. Wisdom comes with age and experience. Few persons have accumulated Kevin's experiences but ALL can benefit from his coaching and teachings.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
This year's banquet was the most successful in recent memory, and a large part of the credit for its success belongs to you. Parents and Scouts alike enjoyed your retelling of your ordeal, and your inspiring example in turning tragedy to triumph. Your love for kids was tremendously obvious and greatly appreciated. Thank you for the generous donation of your time to our boys, and especially for your patient cooperation with the signing of your autograph.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
I first heard of Kevin Saunders when he was our guest speaker at the Rotary Club, the oldest and largest of the civic clubs in town. I was truly impressed by the achievements of this man and outlook. I may say that it is absolutely inspirational to be around Kevin. He is "positive mental attitude" personified. I admire him.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders, you are an inspiration to those whose lives you touch. I have seldom met a man who wants little for himself, yet is dedicated to the betterment of humankind. Kevin your enthusiastic, caring attitude is one the world should appreciate and encourage to celebrate. I am truly, sincerely proud to know you and have you as a brother. May I most humbly yet candidly say that you have reflected and continue to reflect in your thoughts, actions, and deeds and words the four Great Principles of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. While these four principles were taught to you over the past 14 years, I am proud to say that you are one of the few Brothers who have succeeded in demonstrating them to the world in everyday life.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
On behalf of the Jaycees, I would like to express my thanks for Kevin Saunders sharing his enthusiasm with us at our meeting. We have had some quality programs, but this certainly ranks as one of the very best!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Thank you for sharing yourself with our group last night at the Youth Fellowship. The kids were so excited about you being there! They all need positive role model today and your story was highly motivating and a testament to the power of Almighty God working in our lives. God bless you and your ministry.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerAudrey Robinson,
Director NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, Alabama
Kevin Saunders presented his powerful story at the NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center's Annual Disability Awareness Program.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin, how great to know that you believe in the principles of Possibility Thinking! I was touched with a special sense of pride to learn that innovators such as you are generating new ideas to keep our country strong. I applaud you for your commitment in building for the future. Please accept my best wishes for continued great success and achievement in the years ahead! God loves you and so do I!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders spoke for our 2010 Men & Boys Retreat in Ark City, KS. WOW! What a testimony! Kevin's God given will and enduring spirit is evident in how he overcame such a tragic and nearly life ending accident and transformed himself and his life into something so powerful and inspiring. He truly shows "There's Always a Way" and his life is proof that we should "Never Give Up". We had a record attendance at this year's event and Kevin touched the hearts of all with his evening message, prepared just for us, on being a "Godly Man and a Real Man", a very important message for guys when the "world" so often points us in the wrong direction. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship opportunities with Kevin after he spoke and as he participated with us in several of our events. Kevin would be a motivating asset, and blessing at any event. We sure feel blessed to have had him share at ours! May God Bless You, Kevin!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRev. Robert Schuller, 
Pastor Crystal Cathedral Ministries
Kevin, thank you so much for being a guest on the Hour of Power. Your message was so strong, powerful and one that is important and needed to be heard by your congregation and worldwide audience of over 20 million. I'm sure your inspirational message of "There's Always a Way" touched millions of hearts as our audience saw how God has used you to be a great inspiration to show others that with God anything is possible. What God has done in your life by giving you a second chance to turn tragedy to triumph were a great testament to the power of possibility thinking! May God Bless you and all you do to inspire so many to strive for life's higher goals. God loves you and so do I!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRev. Gel Samson, 
United Methodist Churches
Kevin Saunders shared his inspiring testimonial and life experience with the congregation at our 2 worship services which were well attended. His testimony touched so many Members of the congregation so they were able to feel that the will to live and trust in God matters most even when the worst things happen to you. Kevin was invited a second time to share his testimonial with the youth of the area at a Joint Church Service and many young people left that night, deeply moved and changed, because through Kevin's inspiration God was able to touch many young lives that night.
Rev. Gel Samson's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin spoke to our Church camp and adult counselors and left a lasting impression on our young people of the power that God has had in your life. You shared with our campers that they can also have that same relationship by believing and making the verse; "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength Philippians 4:13" a daily part of their lives. Any group from a Church, church group to Fellowship of Christian Athletes could benefit greatly from having Kevin as their keynote speaker, because with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ he is able to share a testimony and story that truly helps inspire and make a positive difference in the lives he touches. May God bless you and your ministry.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin is not only a passionate speaker and believer, he is a living example of the power that God has given to each and everyone one of us when his son died for our sins over 2,000 years ago. Not even life in a wheelchair could deter Kevin from being an inspiration to so many people worldwide and an authority on overcoming adversity, pursuing excellence and staying fit physically and spiritually. He has used his limitations and with God's help has used his paralysis as a vehicle to inspire other to pursue their goals and make God a priority in their lives.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin what a powerful impression you have left with our young people! They were thrilled to hear your testimony of how God has provided so many opportunities in your life after that horrible explosion. They were very impressed to have the opportunity to meet you and shake your hand afterwards and they asked me repeatedly for autograph pictures of you competing in your racing wheelchair. Your accident has taken much from you, but with God's help your strength, drive and ambition have given you more than most. You are a credit to your motto and our children will remember you for it! You have made a far greater impact than you know.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders' hit the Safety points that our company wanted to emphasize right on spot! People are still talking about your exciting presentation and the positive impact you made for our Annual Safety Convention this past May 2009. Thanks for helping remind us that when it comes to safety in the workplace "There's Always a Way" when you Never Give Up!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJennifer Dellar,Safety Manager Kansas Ethanol Corporation
We had Kevin Saunders as our Keynote Safety Speaker to celebrate our companies' achievements of going 1,000 days without an accident. Kevin gave us a brilliant presentation as Kevin re-stimulated our employees and left us with 17 goals for safety and other points to be mentioned every day by the management to keep our people focused on safety 1st every morning. Kevin said by putting safety 1st you bring out and create a safe work place, for you and your fellow workers, your families who you care about, who depend on you and the community who greatly benefits from a safe working environment. Kevin took the time to meet each one of our employees, which went above and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend Kevin Saunders to any event where you need a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker or a safety speaker to get people self-motivated or that extra push to keep employees engaged and thinking Safety First!"
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerTom Cruise,
Actor, producer, writer
Kevin, It was really a great inspiration to get a chance to know you and work with you on the movie set! I greatly admire your courage and strength that you use in all you do. Keep giving 200% in all you do! I wish you continued success!
Odin ProductionSincerely,
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMike Huckabee, 
44th Governor of Arkansas
Kevin, It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you and your Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour to our great state of Arkansas. Your message is one of inspiration and motivation and is outstandingly commendable. Kevin Saunders is encouraging and has challenged the citizens of Arkansas to continue improving their personal health and fitness. On behalf of the citizens of our great state, I send my thanks for your visit to our state with your programs, speeches pushing your racing wheelchair through our state is a great tribute to your determination to make a difference. Thank you for your special visit to me, my staff and at the State Capitol. I send my best wishes for a successful tour to improve fitness for America and may God Bless You!

Sincerely Yours,
Mike Hucabee signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerGovernor of Texas, Rick Perry
Kevin, on behalf of the more than 21 million Texans I want thank you for bringing your Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour through Texas. Your efforts to help educate our states youth, parents, teachers and citizens through your programs, speeches and inspiration about the importance of routine physical fitness through making better choices to stay physically active and making healthier choices for meals to eat in alleviating obesity-related illnesses are to be highly commended. As you push racing wheelchair across America and through Texas paralyzed from the chest down you are an outstanding inspiration and motivation for your fellow Texans and, indeed, all Americans.

Governor Rick Perry's signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerGovernor of Michigan, Jennifer M. Granholm
I would like to welcome Kevin Saunders and his Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour and BIG PUSH to Michigan. I would also like to offer my congratulations to Kevin for his strength and determination in achieving his ultimate goal: making our nation a healthier one! With Michigan serving as the starting point of this most important tour, we give it special attention and support Kevin's message of inspiration and motivation to our states youth and all citizens trough his speeches and programs. Kevin's message will inspire and empower the citizens of Michigan and the nation to continue improving their personal health and fitness. On behalf of the State of Michigan, thank you for this most important health and fitness initiative. Congratulation and best of luck as you push your racing wheelchair thousands of miles across America promoting fitness and improved choices for meals or snacks to help people get fit.

Sincerely Yours,
Governor of Michigan signature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerGovernor of Missouri, Bob Holden
On behalf of the State of Missouri, I want to extend greetings to Kevin Saunders and the Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour. A healthy nation is a productive nation and one that guarantees our future success. Kevin Saunders Fitness 4 All 50 State Tour with his speeches, informative programs and tools has encouraged and empowered the citizens of Missouri to improve their health and fitness one community at a time. My best wishes for a successful and rewarding journey across America.
Governor Bob Holden's signiature
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Thank you for the many Safety speeches you have given to Central Power & Light Company a fortune 500 company. We wanted to thank you for your very successful and timely presentations emphasizing safety and how important and applicable it is and how vital it is to put safety first in your day to day operations. You certainly left our employees in the right frame of mind. So, when it comes to Safety they are mentally alert with a positive attitude. I highly recommend Kevin Saunders to every company that need to put Safety first and get some key goals to target zero Safety violations.
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Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
In the span of two days we set up a series of six meetings for Kevin Saunders to share his remarkable story of tragedy to triumph with the employees at our site. After each meeting, literally dozens of our employees lined up to meet and speak with Kevin. His untiring will and incredible attitude were truly an inspiration to all that were fortunate enough to hear him and meet him.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRev. Billy Graham
Kevin, It was great to speak with you as we met after I had just finished meeting with President Bush and you were on your way in to see him. It is a huge inspiration what you are doing as a member of the members of the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. I know you are and will continue to have a huge impact on leading our nation's youth and all Americans by serving as a huge inspiration to each of them. By you speaking to your audiences showing how GOD gave you a second chance to survive that life threating explosion and how you have used that as a vehicle with GOD'S help to start a life and with your faith you became the World's Greatest Wheelchair Athlete and a spokesperson and unforgettable inspiration for the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports shows how GOD works in our lives and uses us to inspire and bring others to Christ. In this case he did so for your good and for the good of all the lives of the people who have the opportunity to touch and hear you speak about the miracle in your life.

Wishing you many blessings in your ministries,
Sincerely yours,
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Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerKathy Putnam,
Church of the Good Shepherd Junior High Class
What an impression you have left with our young people! They were thrilled to meet you and have asked me repeatedly about the pictures which they took with you after your inspiring speech. Your accident has taken much from you but through GOD your strength, drive and ambition have given you so much more. You are a credit to your motto and our children will remember you for it. You have made a far greater impact then you know!

Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerLee Renaud,
Assistant Director of Religious Education
Kevin your presentation had an incredible impact on our youth as you served as an incredible inspiration. As our primary goal for the camp had many dimensions to it such as community building, social awareness and outreach you gave a great testimonial how GOD touch your life and gave you a second chance to make a difference in the lives of others and transformed your life to reach limitless goals. You reinforced our theme for this years camp "The Sky is the Limit!" We wanted our campers to know that GOD gives them the strength to reach anything they strive to do and your presentation was a powerful follow-up to our work with children with disabilities, poverty, abused children and children with mental disabilities. Your testimonial reinforced no matter what happens in your life GOD gives you the ability to overcome it. We were very honored you could come and speak to our young people as you made a lasting impression on everyone you met.
May God Bless You and Your work and ministry.

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Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerErnie
Kevin thank GOD you had the courage and dedication to overcome such a disaster and rebuild your life where it can be an inspiration to thousands who need help to be as courageous as you have been to lead by example. I can imagine it's not easy at times - but as long as you keep that Never Give Up attitude in the face of adversity you will continue to live a full life and to help others like our K-State football team reach goals they may never have believed possible. I would recommend Kevin Saunders as a speaker and his book "There's Always A Way" to anyone who wants to bring out the Champion Within or Find a way to succeed in their job, or in life!
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God Bless you Kevin and keep the faith!" As every day your friend!

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Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJon Wefald, President, 
Kansas State University
I was extremely happy and proud to hear that you have been named to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. This is a tremendous honor and I know that anyone who has the opportunity to hear Kevin speak and take his challenge to bring out the greatness within each of us because, “There’s Always a Way!” will not be disappointed.

You are truly a special person and an inspiration to each of us who have had the opportunity to meet with you. Your spirit and accomplishments serve as standards which all K-Staters should strive to attain.

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Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerSharon L. Trott, Manager
Corporate Communications
Kevin is a true inspiration, a hard worker and dedicated to his mission. When he says he’s going to do something, you can count on him accomplishing his goal. Kevin should certainly be at the top of any list when the need is for any corporation who needs someone who is motivational, inspiring and can spread a positive message for their company employees and allow the company to give back to the community in a WIN-WIN situation.

Sharon L. Trott
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJeff Anson, Project Engineer & Employee-OwnerGarney Construction
Kevin Saunders has inspired me on a personal note – as well as a professional note – like no one has ever done so in my life. I am inspired enough that I will be making a plaque for our office with a few of his quotes from the managers meeting. This plaque will represent Kevin and how he inspired us. This will be the first thing you see walking into our Val Vista team headquarters. I think this would be good motivation for this team.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational Speaker
Kevin Saunders spoke at our company’s Safety Day & I have to say that he captivated everyone with his remarkable story of “The Champion Within.” Thank you for sharing with us the 16 goals for success to keep our company focused on safety 1st every day! Thank you for reminding us that when it comes to safety in the workplace & in our personal lives that with hard work, team work, communication & personal accountability we can stay in a safe environment! Everyone loved Kevin and his sense of humor! The world needs more people like him! I strongly recommend Kevin as a Safety/Motivational Speaker for your event.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJosh King,
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
On behalf of the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Athletic Department, I would like to express my gratitude for Kevin Saunders sharing his story and enthusiasm with our student-athletes and coaches. His story of overcoming unimaginable odds is truly inspirational for all to hear and embraces his mental toughness and dedication to success. Our student-athlete’s loved hearing Kevin’s story because it gave them a better perspective on life and overcoming the various challenges and obstacles that athlete’s face while training to succeed at the highest level of competition. Thank you!!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerManny Campo
Industrial Lubricants Sales Engineer
An inspirational and motivating message about courage and perseverance. Kevin showed us what it takes in the face of adversity. Our sales team left his presentation inspired and energized. I highly recommend Kevin’s message to any organization that is looking to set high goals and achieve them.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMatthew S Jones
US Sales Business Development Advisor
Kevin's story genuinely inspired our field sales force and most importantly it was an unforgettable message. Our employees left the meeting just like a team exits the tunnel on game day, poised and motivated to tackle whatever challenges dare confront them. His message is profoundly unique and multifaceted as it flawlessly addressed our themes of safety, teamwork, and winning together.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRabbi David Rosen
Senior Rabbi
Kevin, thank you for being with us last Friday night. Your words to our congregation inspired us all and, after the service, many members came and said to me that they had rarely been emotionally touched as they were listening to you that night. On a night when our synagogue celebrated the importance of making our congregation physically accessible to all, you came to affirm the power of transforming a disability into an ability and the importance of not letting any barriers stand in your way. Thank you again!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerArtis BrownUS Sales ManagerOne of top 10 most profitable companies, Fortune 500 Magazine
You are a true warrior, and it was my honor to meet you. Your story shook and inspired. Your participation was just what we needed to get my team pumped up. Thank you for being part of a fantastic Sales Kickoff Meeting.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerJim HartnettPresidentAcademic Marketing ServicesPublisher of CareerFocus Magazine
I cannot say enough about how much I appreciated and enjoyed having Kevin Saunders speak to our group, the Texas Association of Community College Marketers, earlier this summer.

Kevin tells his story with a remarkable mixture of gravity, reflection, and even humor. Our entire audience was complete wrapped up in hearing him tell it – the accident, his initial recovery, the enormous hurdles he had to surmount in everyday life and then as he re-launched his athletic career as a para-Olympian. Now this experience would seem pretty remote from most of us who are not world-class athletes. But Kevin made this into an experience that we could understand and to which we could relate. While his story is necessarily unique, he in very sensitive to the many forms of adversity that he shares with people from all walks of life. We have all thought of "giving up" on a particularly daunting challenge. Kevin gives you a new perspective on how to persevere when it becomes particularly difficult.

We were also mightily impressed with the way in which Kevin took the time to learn about our organization--the work we do and challenges we face as community college marketers – and then incorporate what he had learned into his presentation. It certainly helps that he personally is such a great ambassador for community colleges, having completed at one himself. But I had the sense that Kevin would have thrown himself into learning about any organization before which he would be speaking. I can't imagine him being unprepared...in any way.

It was also wonderful to have Kevin sign copies of his book – which is a remarkable and lively read! – and personalize it for us and family members. My eight-year-old son really loved having the booked signed to him and hearing me relate Kevin's story to him. It is such a powerful example for the coming generation(s).

I would have Kevin present before our group again based on my experience in Galveston. I sincerely feel lucky to have crossed paths with him and been able to spend time hearing his story.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerDeb MeyersEHS Manager
We brought Kevin Saunders to our facility as our Keynote Safety Speaker. Our employees got to hear his story of how safety, or lack thereof, significantly impacted his life. Kevin made it very clear to our employees that being committed to safety and putting safety first in everything they do at work and home will have a positive impact and ensure that no one else goes through what he has had to go through. His personal experience and perseverance to overcome obstacles after his injury was very motivational. Kevin’s statement "There's Always a Way when you Never Give Up!” applies to a lot of life situations, including safety.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerDr. Ben StaffordDean of Workforce and Continuing Education,Lamar State College Port ArthurVice President, Texas Association of College Technical Educators
Our Association members – senior administrators from Community and Junior Colleges around the State of Texas – really enjoyed your educational speaking presentation! We work daily with students, giving everything we have to see them succeed. Yet we see many who desperately need the hope and motivation you deliver. Your discussion of tenacity in the face of adversity rang true for everyone there, reminding us why we work in Education. Thank you for the work you do to bring inspiration and motivation to so many!
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerRam Pritham
Executive Project Manager, Jacobs
Kevin Saunders’ message on Safety was SPOT ON from the top to the bottom. He kept his audience mesmerized and entertained, and served as a great example of someone who ‘Never Gave Up’ despite his injury on the job due to mechanical malfunction and a co-worker who was complacent, making shortcuts, and making risk decisions on his own.
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerMichelle McGuff,
Executive Coordinator, Par
Kevin delivered such powerful speeches to 3 different groups, bringing energy and clarity to our SAVE YOUR BUDDY program. We feel so blessed to have y’all in our lives. You are part of the Par family now! Thank you!Par Pharmaceutical logo
Kevin Saunders, Motivational SpeakerTraci MenkeMember ServicesAurora Cooperative
We recently had Kevin Saunders speak at our ACE Summit and Annual Meeting.  Not only was he well received by the audience he was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time interacting with our guests. His personal, professional, specifically tailored message to our famer-owners was spot on. His high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Kevin for your next event.